November 1, 2016

Graduate Expo & Open House

Parsons School of Design at The New School

Photo: James Ewing. © The New School.

Can digital interfaces enrich human interaction?
Can design create a more resilient world?
Can a product remake productivity?
Change begins with a question. What will you ask?

Graduate students at Parsons School of Design in NYC question convention to offer a forward thinking, human-centric approach to design.

Join a global network of artists, thinkers, and makers who creatively and critically address the complex social, environmental, and economic challenges of 21st century life.

Meet us at 5th Avenue & 13th Street
We invite you to explore Parsons graduate programs at our Graduate Expo & Open House on Sunday, November 20, 2016. Programming begins at 10am at the University Center at 63 Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Register today for our November 20 Grad Expo in NYC

Admission counselors, financial aid representatives, current students, and faculty members will be on hand to answer your questions about the admission process, academic scholarship, student life, social engagement and the range of career opportunities that await you after graduation.

Explore Parsons Graduate programs
–Architecture (M.Arch)
–Communication Design (MPS)
–Data Visualization (MS)
–Design and Technology (MFA)
Design and Urban Ecologies (MS)
Design Studies (MA)
–Fashion Design and Society (MFA)
–Fashion Studies (MA)
–Fine Arts (MFA)
–History of Design and Curatorial Studies (MA)
–Industrial Design (MFA)
–Interior Design (MFA)
–Lighting Design (MFA)
–Photography (MFA)
–Strategic Design and Management (MS)
–Theories of Urban Practice (MA)
–Transdisciplinary Design (MFA)

Apply by January 1, 2017 to join us next fall

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