November 7, 2016

LA ISLA (THE ISLAND): final exhibition project

Olmo Cuña, La isla.

Participants: Nicolás Astorga, Javier Barrios, Olmo Cuña, Marco Esparza, Sara García, Sofía Garfias, Madeline Jiménez, Karla Leyva, Elsa-Louise Manceaux, Irak Morales, Armando Rosales, Tatyana Zambrano

SOMA is a non-profit organization conceived to nurture discussion and exchange in the field of contemporary art and education in Mexico City. SOMA’s mission is to provide a forum for dialogue between Mexican and international artists, cultural producers, and the public at large. Through various programs we build platforms to collectively investigate what art can become and how it can function in different contexts. SOMA is a space for reconsideration and reflection, where students and participants have the opportunity to critically analyze their proposals, and where revisiting creative processes is encouraged. SOMA maintains an independent status from other cultural institutions, allowing for flexibility with regard to subject matter and event format.

SOMA offers a two-year program in Spanish, targeted to contemporary artists and cultural producers interested in developing their practices. This pedagogical model is designed to stimulate exchange among young artists and professionals in the artistic field through courses, workshops, one-on-one interviews, lectures, and studio visits.

LA ISLA (THE ISLAND) is conceived as a one-day event, where the twelve members of the Class 2016, will present site specific projects that celebrate the end of their studies at SOMA.

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