November 8, 2016

Call for applications: MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts

Goddard College
Diego Piñón, Body Ritual Movement, 2016. Performance, Port Townsend, WA. Photo: Laiwan/Goddard College.

Goddard College’s MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts is now accepting applications for spring Vermont and Washington residencies. Deadlines are December 15 (Vermont) and January 15 (Washington).

Established in 1997, Goddard College’s low-residency MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts is a unique program well suited for mid-career and emerging artists who are looking to deepen their practice, blend theory and practice, and study in a rigorous interdisciplinary context.

With notable and innovative faculty and guest artists from the full spectrum of forms, genres, cultures, and socio-political perspectives, the Goddard MFA continues to attract, inspire, and transform artists, educators, and cultural workers at all levels.

Goddard’s progressive pedagogy of individually designed study plans, collaborative learning, and geographical flexibility supports all manner of artists and practices, such as dancer-choreographers expanding into theatrical or visual modes, painters working with digital media or natural materials to address environmental issues, and countless other contemporary or traditional practitioners looking to integrate multiple artistic media and systems of knowledge and expression.

Goddard College offers the Engaged Artist Award to new MFA students who are already engaged in their communities or professions as activist artists.

The MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts is designed for five semesters of critically rigorous artistic production and examination of the concepts, values, and social structures underlying the practice of each student, who alternates each term with a dedicated faculty advisor to dialogue and exchange ideas.

Each semester begins with an eight-day residency that includes presentations, workshops, exhibits, performances, and other activities by continuing and graduating students, faculty, and guest artists. Our visiting artists have included leaders and innovators from the full range of interdisciplinary and traditional media, including: Diego Piñon, Pauline Oliveros, Rick Lowe, Linda Montano, Jackie Brookner, Liz Lerman, Tim Miller, Haruko Okano, Keith Hennessy, Reggie Wilson, and Susan Leibovitz Steinman.

The residency is followed by 15 weeks of production, research, and study wherever the student chooses to live. A third semester practicum tests new forms and concepts in each student’s work, while a final semester portfolio serves as a culminating thesis and establishes greater artistry, critical meaning, and social engagement in each graduate’s practice and career.

Advisors work in a range of interdisciplinary and traditional modes, including installation, dance, painting, performance art, mixed media, poetry, community-based and public art, creative writing, theatre, puppetry, media/digital art, photography, music, eco-art, and conceptual art, and are scholars or critical practitioners in interdisciplinary studies, performance studies, visual culture, sustainability, social justice, and a range of other fields.

MFA faculty includes Erica Eaton, Seitu Jones, Peter Hocking, Petra Kuppers, Gale Jackson, Laiwan, H. Lan-Thao Lam, Devora Neumark, Andrea Parkins, Cynthia Ross, Sharon Siskin, Michael Sakamoto, Rachael van Fossen, Ruth Wallen, and program director Ju-Pong Lin.

Residencies take place at our two beautiful program sites. Our historic main campus is set amongst rolling hills and forest trails in the semi-rural town of Plainfield, Vermont, only six miles from the state capitol of Montpelier. The West Coast program is set within the Fort Worden State Park in Port Townsend, which looks out to Puget Sound and the mountains of Western Washington State.

Chip Cummings, [email protected] or T 802 322 1613

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