November 20, 2016

Barefeet and birthday suits: MFA in Berlin

University of Delaware
Students and materials, UD MFA class of 2017. Photo: A. Donovan.

The University of Delaware’s MFA graduate director and second year students relocate to Berlin, where they will tour artist studios, exhibition spaces, galleries, and museums as well as exhibit at Kunstraum Tapir. Student participation in this unique international experience is partially funded by private charitable donations.

UD MFA tuition is free!
There are multiple generous GTAs and fellowship funding opportunities available. MFA students have excellent on-campus studios and 365 day/24-hour access to state-of-the-art facilities.

The UD MFA program consists of 20 students who work together in an intimate environment with faculty and visiting artists representing a broad range of intellectual and artistic concerns.

Our program maintains a thoughtful, ambitious level of discussion about what constitutes powerful artistic practice, and the graduate faculty sees it as necessary and even critical to engage the artistic process as a trans-disciplinary method of inquiry and experimentation. The two-year MFA curriculum consists of three distinct yet interrelated parts: research, practice, and discourse. Students are expected to maintain an intensive studio practice that challenges and extends their investigations and to participate actively in critique, encouraging the open exchange of ideas in a collaborative environment.

Our centralized location on the eastern corridor of the United States makes it an ideal location to study visual art. Situated midway between Philadelphia and Baltimore, the campus is about two hours by train/car north to New York City, or south to Washington, D.C.

Recent visits to and by the MFA program include:
Alex Baker / Erica Battle / Hannah Black / Matt Bua / Tom Burckhardt / John Caserta / William Cordova / Manon de Boer / Paul DeMarinis / DISTRICT Berlin / Trenton Doyle Hancock / David East / Echo Eggebrecht / Amze Emmons / Chitrah Ganesh / Yoko Inoue / Beth Katleman / Olga Kopenkina / Josh MacPhee / Michael Jones McKean / Jonathan Meese / Kristen Morgin / Bonaventure Ndikung / JJ Peet / Lane Relyea / Jennifer Samet / Susanne Slavick / Gail Scott White / Jessica Stoller / Austin Thomas / Merve Unsal / Adelina Vlas

New in fall 2017
We are hiring a tenure-track, Assistant Professor in Graphic and Interaction Design for a new MA in Graphic and Interaction Design, details may be found here.

Online application can be found here.


To learn more:
Email Abigail Donovan, Director of Graduate Studies, with any questions [email protected].

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