December 21, 2016

Call for applications

Piet Zwart Institute

Piet Zwart Institute Bike Tour, 2015. Organized by Leslie Robbins. Photo: Vanessa Tuitel.

The Piet Zwart Institute accepts candidates on a rolling basis from December 2016 to May 2017, until all positions in the cohorts are filled.

We strongly encourage you to apply early.

The Piet Zwart Institute houses the international master programmes of the Willem de Kooning Academy at Hogeschool Rotterdam. Named after the pioneering Dutch designer Piet Zwart, who worked experimentally across different media and contexts, our institute offers a rich combination of in-depth specialisation and interdisciplinary exchange in an intimate learning environment.

The programmes of the Piet Zwart Institute are located in the heart of Rotterdam’s city centre. While students and faculty come from across the globe, bringing with them a variety of cultural influences, there are also strong connections to the city, its complex history and dynamic urban environment.

We have four master programmes: Fine Art, Interior Architecture: Research + Design, Master Media Design: Experimental Publishing and Lens-Based, and the Master Education in Arts. All are founded on a shared interest in the complex social, cultural and political underpinnings of each discipline. Through a uniquely tailored curriculum combining collective learning, intensive individual tutorial support, practice-based research and theoretical inquiry, our programmes educate young professionals who have a critically reflective and imaginative approach to their work.

As an educational institute the notion of “making public” is core to our activities. These public moments are an important resource for students, faculty members and guests, serving as a bridge to the city, a framework for exploring timely and relevant issues, and building a community around areas of interests. Exhibitions, symposia, conferences and publications expand our research beyond the confines of academia, while simultaneously valuing the very necessary speculative space for reflection and knowledge building that is only made possible through the rigorous academic framework of the Piet Zwart Institute.

Teaching staff
Fine Art: Liesbeth Bik (artist), Kate Briggs (translator, writer), Sara van der Heide (artist), Bernd Krauß (artist), Vivian Sky Rehberg (Course Director, critic), Steve Rushton (writer, artist), Jan Verwoert (theorist, critic), Katarina Zdjelar (artist)

Media Design—Experimental Publishing: Aymeric Mansoux (Course Director, research professor, code, art, politics, free culture), Michael Murtaugh (computer programmer),

Media Design—Lens-Based: Simon Pummell (Course Director, filmmaker, research professor), Annet Dekker (curator, writer, technology, media), David Haines (artist, drawing, video) Aymeric Mansoux (research professor, code, art, politics, free culture), Michael Murtaugh (computer programmer), Steve Rushton (writer, artist)

Interior Architecture: Research + Design: Andrea Bagnato (editor, researcher), Max Bruinsma (writer, critic, editorial design), Jolande Bosch (researcher, artist), Gabriella Fiorentini (architect), Daphne Heemskerk (graphic designer), Ephraim Joris (architect, interiors), Edwin Larkens (architect, interiors), Mario Minale (designer), Olivier Otten (interaction designer), Alex Suárez (Course Director, architect, educator), Marta M Roy Torrecilla (architect), Füsun Türetken (architect, visual artist)

Education in Arts: Ingrid Commandeur (Course Director), Jolande Bosch (educator / research methods), Kate Brehme (researcher, educator / museum & public practices), Elizabeth Graham (museum educator, curator), Prof. Dr. Frans-Willem Korsten (educator / critical theory and pedagogy), Michelle Kasprzak (educator / media and digital cultures), Fianne Konings (researcher, educator / primary and secondary education) Irina Shapiro (designer, educator / design education) Sjoerd Westbroek (artist, educator / secondary and higher art education), Anthony Schrag (artist, educator / artistic research & participatory and public practices), Renee Turner (artist, educator / higher art and design education).

Apply to the Piet Zwart Institute
Application guidelines

Piet Zwart Institute
P.O. Box 1272
3000 BG Rotterdam
The Netherlands


Call for applications 2017: master programmes at Piet Zwart Institute

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