January 9, 2017

ELSE Journal launch and Creative PhD or MFA open house events

Transart Institute
Aleks Slota, Readings from Zones of Sensitivity, 2016. Installation view at Transart Triennale Berlin.

New York open house
Come talk to us in residence. Have one to one conversation with faculty, get introductions to current students in shared areas of interest and sit in on a student presentation/critique session to see how we tick. Please RSVP for an appointment: [email protected]

Learn about the only low-residency creative research PhD and our MFA program in which your art work is the research. Attend two international intensives a year. Make your projects where you live with the support of two advisors. Work with your advisors however you wish. Come talk to us about your ideas, projects and applications in January, apply by March to be eligible for a scholarship.

ELSE Journal launch issue 2: “The Imperceptible Self”
Fully aware that in these times, our “interaction” with “other” cultures and with nature is both inevitable and profoundly altering; we will consider other modes of framing action and existence than identity politics, shepherding nature and “I”. How else can we consider the implosion of exiled states; the entropic influx into the largest cities; the sinking of smaller ones; the collapsing distance between us? How to live now in the “eruption of desire for the future which reshapes the present”—to become imperceptible?

Join us for the launch of our next issue of ELSE Art and Cultural Journal with readings by select artists. An occasional journal that welcomes experimental and alternative forms of representing creative work.

Contributors include: Adrian Piper, Carol Becker, Akil Kirlew, Jean-Ulrick Desert, Alexandra Ross, Gayle Meikle, Analia Sirabonian, Caroline Koebel, Jennie Klein, Sonia Barrett, Ian Burkhart, Luisa Greenfield, Mark Roth, Morgan O’Hara, Rachel Dedman, Ayman Hassan, Rachel Stevens and Susie Quillinan.

ELSE is a peer-reviewed journal of works, projects, and research thematically gravitating towards memory, forgetting, trauma and the archive; language/image; international diaspora and post-colonialism; role of art in peace meditation; liminality; space/place; temporary architecture; foreignness, otherness and the uncanny.

Launch event at Powerhouse Arena
Readings, signings and a reception. Meet faculty, students and learn more about our three year research projects which began this summer with the Transart Triennale and continues with the journal. /

About Transart
We believe that education is not just a paper-chase and is most relevant, effective and powerful when vitally connected to projects and initiatives in the world—beyond the walls of the academy. By its very nature, Transart creates international research communities that encourage and promote converstation and collaboration between artists, writers, curators, and thinkers across cultures. Driven by our students desires rather than the demands of bureaucracy and real estate we remain agile, responsive and nomadic; currently meeting in Berlin and New York.

Transart Institute
The Un-School for International Creative Praxes
Low-residency MFA/PhD + Advanced Artist Summer Academy
Artist-run, post-national and utopian since 2004.
Accredited by Plymouth University, UK


ELSE Journal launch and Transart Institute Creative PhD or MFA open house events

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