January 30, 2017

Residents in Music, Technology, and Visual Arts 2017

Pioneer Works
Courtesy of Pioneer Works.

Pioneer Works is pleased to welcome the 2017 Pioneer Works Residents in Music, Technology, and Visual Arts. The 2017 spring session for Visual Arts will host residents, Evelyn Donnelly, Jes Fan, Mario Navarro, Angel Nevarez/Valerie Tevere, Kenya Robinson, SKOTE (Jill Pangallo &Alex P. White), and Pascual Sisto. The 2017 fall session for Visual Arts will host residents Genesis Belanger, Camel Collective, Tahir Karmali, Nathaniel Lewis, Lior Shvil, and Carlos Rosales-Silva. The Music residents for 2017 include Quay Dash, Maria Kim Grand, Susie lbarra, Eli Keszler, Keita Sano, and Colin Self. The Tech residents for 2017 include Aether, Grisha Coleman, Sam Lavigne, and Ziv Schneider.

Founded in 2012, the Pioneer Works Residency Program provides free studio space for experimental and innovative practitioners in visual art, music, and technology. Residencies offer artists a unique, open-plan, and multi-disciplinary environment that fosters spontaneous dialogues and inspired collaborations. This program supports the research, production, and new hybrid forms of practice of artists and creators from a variety of fields.

During their residency, residents have access to spacious light-filled studios, a technology lab, a music studio, and progressive education and exhibition programs. Residents are also actively engaged in disseminating programs related to their works through our in-house publishing platform, our community and pedagogical engagement department, as well as through presentation, lectures, and special project opportunities throughout the year. Access to this unique array of tools, opportunities, and interdisciplinary relationships is offered to deepen and expand each resident’s practice. Past residents include: Sachem Arvidson, Abigail Deville, Dorit Chrysler, E.S.P. TV, Greg Fox, Yonatan Gat, Haribo, Miho Hatori, David Horvitz, Nina Katchadourian, Gerard & Kelly, Shana Lutker, Brooklyn Raga Massive, Henrique Oliveira, Virginia Poundstone, Senyawa, Molly Surno, Phillip Stearns, and Alina Tenser.

Last October, Pioneer Works welcomed Regine Basha as Residency Director. Basha joined Pioneer Works Curator and Editor David Everitt Howe in further shaping the thoughtful community engagement and collaborations across disciplines that are at the core of Pioneer Works’ residencies. Music residency nominations are advised and directed by Greg Fox, Director of Music Development. Technology residency nominations are advised and directed by David Sheinkopf, Technology Integrator, and Bethany Tabor, Technology Programs Manager. Both music and tech residencies are nominated and invited solely by peer review. The Visual Arts residency hosts residents in two sessions in spring/summer (February through July 2017), and fall (July 2017 through February 2018). Applications are reviewed and chosen by a selected jury. The 2017 guest jurors are Gerard & Kelly and Amanda Hunt, Associate Curator, Studio Museum of Harlem. Application for the 2018 cycle will be available on the Pioneer Works website in September of 2017.

Pioneer Works is a non-profit arts center for research and experimentation in contemporary culture.  Through a broad range of exhibitions, performances, arts and science residencies, and educational programs, Pioneer Works seeks to transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries, foster community, and provide a space where alternative modes of thought are supported and activated in tangible ways.  The organization was founded in 2012 by artist Dustin Yellin and is located in a former 25,000-square-foot manufacturing warehouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


Pioneer Works Residents in Music, Technology, and Visual Arts 2017

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