February 3, 2017

Art in Context postgraduate MA program

Berlin University of the Arts
Miguel Azuaga, Institute for Art in Context, Berlin student.

The MA postgraduate program Art in Context offers a combination of transdisciplinary exchange and in-depth research for those seeking to situate their artistic practice in the wider field of society. It can be taken full-time over four semesters or part-time over six, free of tuition and without age restrictions.

At the Institute Art in Context, Prof. Dr. Jörg Heiser together with lecturers Heike-Karin Föll, Josephine Freiberg, Claudia Hummel, Wolfgang Knapp, Kristina Leko, and a team of guest lecturers, provide a wide range of seminars and, together with the students, organize projects, publications, conferences and exhibitions. Guest lectures and workshops with internationally renowned artists and intellectuals are a steadily increasing element of this program offering four study profiles that can be combined to form a specific field of expertise and practice: they include artistic work with social groups, with cultural institutions (including curatorial practice), in the public space (including public memorial culture), and in the context of visual culture and scientific image production.

Requirements for admission to the program are: graduation certificate from an artistic/creative course of study at a recognized higher education institution, at least one year working experience in a relevant professional field, sufficient knowledge of German (all courses are held in German) and artistic talent.

Further information on the course can be found here.
Admission conditions, precise dates, registration forms etc. can be consulted and downloaded here.



Call for applications: Art in Context postgraduate MA program at Berlin University of Arts

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