February 3, 2017

Call for artists: “1% artistic” commission

Institut Mines-Télécom

© Grafton Architects, Preview. Courtesy of Institut Mines-Télécom.

Type of the contracting authority
Public institution dedicated to higher education and research for innovation, in the fields of engineering and digital technology

This consultation corresponds to the obligation for public buildings provided for by Decree No. 2002-677 of April 29,2002, as amended, and the circular of August 16, 2006 relating to Decree 2005-90 of February 4, 2005.

This contract relates to
Conception, realization and implementation of a work of art under the “1% artistic” for the building of Operation Paris-Saclay for the Institut Mines-Télécom, located in the ZAC Polytechnique, in Palaiseau (91120), France

Commission for
Institut Mines-Télécom brings together nine schools historically drawn from two distinct areas of engineering in France: École des Mines, founded in 1783 to promote “the science of discovering and exploiting mines”—originally focussed on “industrial art and design”—and the École supérieure de télégraphie, founded in 1878 to train engineers and promote innovation in the field of new communication techniques. The neologism of telecommunications was invented within this school by its director Édouard Estaunié (1862–1942), in order to designate this grouping of emerging technologies, telegraphy, telephony, and radiocommunications.

Now united within the Institut Mines-Télécom, the history of these institutions provides us with clues to the design of a work of art that will integrate within the new building.

The Paris-Saclay project for IMT (Institut Mines-Télécom) is designed in a tight, geometric framework around a series of landscaped courtyards. The linearity of the corridors leading to the classrooms is interrupted by generous spaces imagined as places of juncture and meeting which, conducive to discussions and exchanges encourage creativity and innovation.

This commission concerns a series of original works installed in the common areas of the Institut Mines-Télécom. The works should demonstrate the values of the Institute—innovation, technology, business, industries of the future—embellishing its spaces, creating focal points and encouraging exchanges. To this end, they must integrate furniture (2/3 of the commission) and signage (1/3 of the commission) in the key areas of the building.

This series of works should refer to “industrial art and design” an innovative technology concept with an aesthetic dimension that emerges from the functionality and durability of the work and materials.

It is important that the interventions of artists:
–are integrated and have a dialogue with the architecture
–are identifiable and participate in the daily life of the Institute
–encourage students to reflect on the fundamentals of engineering: physics, mathematics, geometry, industry, innovation, progress as well as digital and computing
–create meeting places that stimulate and inspire the students

The artist (or team) must be able to complete a large-scale project in close collaboration with the architect and other stakeholders. He or she will have multidisciplinary references and an in-depth knowledge of contemporary art, architecture and materials.

The works must be well built and durable.

Important: The architectural project and context presentation documents are available to the applicants and can be downloaded on

Overall budget for the “1% Artistic” commission
The overall budget for the “1% artistic” is 879,903 EUR including taxes and includes:
–the fees of the selected artist; the cost of producing and installing the work of art
–the allowance for shortlisted artists whose project has not been retained (14,400 EUR per artist)
–allowances from the artistic committee
–the costs of advertising and organizing the proceedings

Submission of applications
Further details (notice for public tender) are available at

The documents must be sent or submitted to:
Institut Mines-Télécom
Service d’Appui Juridique
Pôle Droit Public – Commande Publique
37 rue Dareau
75014 Paris



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