In response to a complex world—shifting global cultures, rapidly evolving technologies, and environmental concerns—the Graduate School of Art offers a two-year, critically engaged studio program that provides a forum for collaboration and both discipline-specific and interdisciplinary study. The program provides a rigorous, experimental environment and intellectual foundation for student artists. In graduate seminars, students learn theory through the lens of studio practice, while a robust thesis seminar supports students in their writing and studio-related research. Our program brings nationally and internationally recognized artists, architects, historians, and critics to campus, who often provide students with one-on-one reviews of their work. The MFA program prepares students to understand contemporary cultural production, to incite progressive social change, to address the challenges of our time, and to assume their roles as global citizens through public engagement opportunities and study abroad programs, including the Berlin Sommerakademie. In furthering those objectives, the Graduate School of Art also offers collaborative research, production, and travel grants to enhance learning opportunities outside the university setting.

The 2016 MFA Thesis Exhibition featured the following artists:

Caitlin Aasen, Mr. Jonathan P. Berger, Candice Block, Sam Boven, Kendall Lee Brown, Jackson Bullock, Christopher Thomas Campbell, Garrett Clough, Wyndi Antoinette DeSouza, Nicole Fry, Sarah Harford, Madeline Marak, Holly McGraw, Yvonne Osei, Danica Radoshevich, Shirin Rastin, Rachel Ahava Rosenfeld, Adam Turl, and Julie Weinberger.

Images courtesy of James Byard, 2016.


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