Hunger Artists or Internships and the Arts

Ross Perlin May Day campaign by the Intern Labor Rights group and Arts & Labour. May 2012 Hunger Artists and Internships in the Arts Ross Perlin “Artists are expected to fit into fraudulent categories.” -Robert Smithson How much of the art world now runs on intern labor? Across the board, commercial galleries, arts publications, museums, non-profits, and [...] Read more

Modes of Exhibition as Mediated Space: Projection Installation as Spectatorial Frame

Jungmin Lee Jungmin Lee's thesis examines the changes in modes of exhibition since 1990. Focusing on indoor and outdoor installation works that employ moving images, I seek to analyze how the progress in exhibition practices marks a move toward the rise of alternative spaces and redefines the subject- object relations. The practices of projection and immersive installations in contemporary art create novel forms of social exchange between art and technology, individuals and global institutions, and among possible identities within the spectator. In my interrogation of exhibition discourses that arise from the panorama, phantasmagoria, and expanded cinema, I explore how the position of the modern subject in the contemporary society saturated with spectacles gestures at notions of democracy. This the[...] Read more

SACI Florence Italy
St Moritz Art Academy
CCS Bard
Vermont College of Fine Arts
School of Visual Arts