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    MTV, MoMA PS1 & Creative Time bring Video Art to audiences worldwide

    NEW YORK—MTV, MoMA PS1, and Creative Time today announced Art Breaks a new series of ten original video art pieces by some of the most exciting emerging artists working around the world today. The videos, which were commissioned and curated by Creative Time and MoMA PS1, will debut on MTV,, MTV’s Facebook page and [...] Read more

    Canada increases the student loan ceiling

    CANADA—The federal government is raising the maximum amount of money it can hand out as student loans to $19 billion, a $4-billion increase that student federations are calling “a Band-Aid for a bullet hole.” The government expects the current loan distribution maximum of $15 billion to be exceeded come January 2013. With the previous loan [...] Read more

    UCLA students arrested after protest at UC regents meeting

    SAN FRANCISCO—Three University of California, Los Angeles students were arrested Thursday during a confrontation with university police after protesters disrupted a University of California regents meeting with a “spring break” demonstration during which some stripped down to bathing suits and tossed inflatable beach balls. The clash took place as 40 protesters, angry about high tuition, [...] Read more
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    Storage firm sold Warhols prints for rent back pay

    MANHATTAN—A collector claims in court that a storage company took four Andy Warhol prints from her unit and sold them for alleged back rent, though she had prepaid for two months and let it deduct rent automatically from her credit card. Annemerie Donoghue sued Extra Space Management, of North Hollywood, Calif., in New York County Court. [...] Read more

    Human Rights Watch Report Claims “Abuses Are Continuing” for Workers at Abu Dhabi’s Museum Island

    DUBAI—The 85-page report, obtained by ARTINFO, is based on interviews with 47 workers on the island conducted between October 2010 and January 2011. Though it seems there have been considerable developments in the region since Human Rights Watch’s last visit, including the appointment of an independent monitor, the organization told ARTINFO it has continued research informally [...] Read more
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    Yale faculty raise governance questions about decision open branch Singapore

    YALE—Nearly one year ago, Yale University announced it had joined with the National University of Singapore to form Yale-NUS College – described in promotional materials as “the first new college to bear the Yale name in 300 years.” Faculty at the original Yale College, in New Haven, want to know why they didn’t have greater say in [...] Read more

    Syrian Activists Appeal to UNESCO For Aid as Violence Threatens the Country’s Ancient Sites

    SYRIA—The casualties of Bashar al-Assad’s bloody crackdown in restive Syria number in the thousands. Now, the embattled Syrian opposition forces in the Movement for National Change are calling attention to the cultural toll of the brutal onslaught. The group has called upon world heritage organization UNESCO to protect historical sites allegedly being damaged by the Syrian army. The appeal [...] Read more

    NYC Dept. Of Education Wants 50 ‘Forbidden’ Words Banned From Standardized Tests

    NEW YORK—The NYC Department of Education is waging a war on words of sorts, and is seeking to have words they deem upsetting removed from standardized tests. Fearing that certain words and topics can make students feel unpleasant, officials are requesting 50 or so words be removed from city-issued tests. The word “dinosaur” made the hit list because [...] Read more
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    UK loosens visa restrictions for non-European Union artists

    UK— After 120 prominent arts figures launched a campaign to make the complex British visa process more accommodating for visiting artists, the country’s Home Office announced it will begin enforcing a new “Permitted Paid Engagements” option, which grants visiting non-European artists a simplified one-month visa. The previous “points-based immigration system” effectively classed visiting non-EU artists [...] Read more

    College Kicks Out Man Who Killed Trayvon Martin

    FLORIDA—Seminole State College has expelled George Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, setting off a debate over whether Florida has been too slow to charge Zimmerman in the shooting, WKMG News reported. College officials released a statement saying: “Due to the highly charged and high-profile controversy involving this student, Seminole State has [...] Read more
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    Quebec student protests set to kick off again this week

    MONTREAL — Buoyed by their huge protest march against tuition hikes in Montreal last week, striking students say they are about to start targeting politicians. Beginning Monday, students will visit voters in 10 ridings across Quebec where Liberal provincial representatives were narrowly elected in the 2008 provincial election. They want to persuade swing voters in [...] Read more

    Florida Memorial University students join rallies for Trayvon Martin

    FLORIDA—Students from Florida Memorial University are leaving South Florida to join on-going demonstrations in Sanford, FL. At 10 a.m. Monday, students departed from the student center at FMU to travel to Sanford. The group hopes to make it in time for a rally scheduled at 4 p.m. Trayvon Martin’s parents are scheduled to march to [...] Read more

    Taipei Ministry of Education develops three plans to hike university tuition

    TAIPEI—The Ministry of Education (MOE) has formulated three plans to increase university tuition fees and it hopes to reach a final decision by next month on which plan to implement, it announced yesterday. According to the first plan, 30 public universities would be allowed to raise their tuition fees by 0.95 percent, or NT$285 for [...] Read more
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    CUNY faculty sue to block new core curriculum

    NEW YORK—A feud over new general education requirements at the City University of New York kicked up a notch Wednesday, as faculty groups filed a lawsuit to block the plan and slammed administrators for putting graduation rates ahead of academic rigor. CUNY’s governing board last year unanimously approved a slimmer, standardized core curriculum of 30 credits for [...] Read more

    Concordia University closes campus due to protests.

    MONTREAL— Cegep and  university students across Quebec are taking part in a day of action on Thursday, March 22, to protest the increase in tuition fees announced by the Quebec government. Concordia University having been informed that protest organizers have designated Concordia’s downtown campus as a gathering point for a march planned by students from [...] Read more
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    BMW, Guggenheim Cancel Berlin Lab Project on Violence Threats

    BERLIN—Threats by left-wing activists in Berlin prompted New York’s Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation to cancel a planned stop in the city’s Kreuzberg district for its mobile laboratory, the BMW Guggenheim Lab. The project, sponsored by Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), was scheduled to travel to nine cities worldwide over six years to encourage debate and [...] Read more

    UC Davis Occupiers Bank Blockade Victory

    CALIFORNIA—For the last two months, Occupy UC Davis has been blockading a campus branch of U.S. Bank. Now, in a victory for Occupy that potentially gives birth to a new movement tactic, U.S. Bank has capitulated and permanently closed the branch. U.S. Bank has been a visible symbol on campus of the corporatization and monied corruption [...] Read more
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    The Pirate Bay plans Low Orbit Server Drones to beat Censorship

    INTERNATIONAL—One of the world’s largest BitTorrent sites “The Pirate Bay” is going to put servers on GPS-controlled aircraft drones in order to evade authorities who are looking to shut the site down. In a Sunday blog post, The Pirate Bay announced new “Low Orbit Server Stations” that will house the site’s servers and files on [...] Read more
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    Sudan’s top university re-opens amid heightened tension

    KHARTOUM— The University of Khartoum re-opened its doors on Sunday after being closed for two months following clashes between police and students. Sudan’s most prestigious university was suspended in December after its students staged a series of protests against the university’s administration and the police whose members raided the main campus twice and used violence [...] Read more

    Instead of receiving her award, Penn grad student is thrown in jail

    PENNSYLVANIA—Khadijah White is a doctoral candidate in communications at University of Pennsylvania, has taught school in Brooklyn, been a White House intern in the Obama administration, and a journalist for PBS who once interviewed the president of Senegal. That resumé, however, apparently did not prepare her for what could happen at a public hearing in [...] Read more
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    Cambridge student gets seven-term ban for poetic protest at Willetts speech

    CAMBRIDGE—David Willetts was forced to leave a University lecture hall tonight after activists disrupted his speech. As Willetts began to speak, a group of around 30 protesters began reading out a pre-written letter, which has since been uploaded to the CDE website. The letter was addressed to the universities minister, and forced him to resume his seat. [...] Read more

    NY Beware the Return of For-Profit Schools

    NEW YORK—Republicans in the New York State Senate have included, in their version of the budget, a provision allowing for-profit companies to establish charter schools. Although, as “Report Card” has often described, our schools are deeply affected by market logic, and by the libertarian ideology of the financial class, there have been limits on outright profiteering. [...] Read more
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    Los Angeles Unified School District plans to announce new budget cuts and layoffs

    LOS ANGELES—There’s a highly anticipated board meeting this afternoon, where LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy is expected to outline his budget cuts and layoffs. Deasy announced last night that he had to mail out more than 11,700 layoff notices to teachers and staff. But, he also said that the budget deficit has dropped significantly, so many [...] Read more

    UC Berkeley chancellor stepping down this year

    CALIFORNIA—UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, who maintained the university’s prestige even as it lost $160 million in state funding, announced Tuesday he will step down as the school’s top official the end of the year. Birgeneau, a physicist who came to the campus in 2004, will return to teaching and research and will remain at [...] Read more
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    Hungarian Conservative Government curates at the National Gallery

    HUNGARY—Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s right-wing government is presenting its own version of the national historical narrative at the Hungarian National Gallery in Budapest, with an ill- judged show of contemporary art that it commissioned to illustrate the new constitution. (Copies of the basic law, by the way, can be purchased in the museum shop.) The [...] Read more

    Iraqi students stoned to death for personal style

    IRAQ—Youngsters in Iraq are being stoned to death for having haircuts and wearing clothes that emulate the ‘emo’ style popular among western teenagers.  At least 14 youths have been killed in the capital Baghdad in the past three weeks in what appears to be a campaign by Shia militants. Militants in Shia neighbourhoods, where the [...] Read more
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    Controversial US Justice Scalia speaks at Wesleyan University

    WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY–On Thursday, Mar. 8, Associate Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia delivered a speech at Wesleyan U. as part of the 21st Hugo L. Black Lecture on Freedom of Expression. Justice Scalia’s lecture, which was entitled “The Originalist Approach to the First Amendment,” was attended by about 550 people, including students, parents, alumni, and Middletown [...] Read more

    Dallas Museum of Art Administrative Shake-Up Continues

    DALLAS—Maxwell Anderson said after his February arrival in Dallas that he had his first 100 days mapped out. Now we see those initial plans included changing up the administrative structure of the upper ranks of the museum’s staff. The first new addition came this past Friday when the Dallas Museum of Art named Robert Stein [...] Read more

    Montreal students plan on all-night sit-in

    QUEBEC–A sit-in in front of l’Université du Québec à Montréal on Sainte-Catherine Street dragged into the evening on Monday, with students hauling couches out of a nearby university building.They lounged in the balmy weather of an early spring, playing music and making art while Montreal police looked on. Some made tentative plans to stay the [...] Read more
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    The Whitney Links Up With Grand Rapids

    U.S.A—The Whitney Museum of American Art has forged a three-year agreement to lend works from its permanent collection to the Grand Rapids Art Museum. As a result, people in western Michigan will be able to see three exhibitions organized by the Whitney: Robert Rauschenberg: Synapsis Shuffle, Real/Surreal (a look at the connection between the two movements of [...] Read more

    New Orleans chooses new public sculpture for evacuation spots

    NEW ORLEANS—Last week, New Orleans chose a sculpture that will be reproduced around the city as markers for “evacuspots” — designated points where people can gather to be transported out of town in the case of a mandatory evacuation. This obviously strikes a chord in a city that was devastated nearly seven years ago when [...] Read more

    Second Day of Montreal Tuition Protests: Tension but no Arrests

    MONTREAL—For the second day in a row, students took to Montreal streets in droves to protest planned hikes to university tuition. Thousands, including campus feminist groups, marched on the offices of the education ministry. They chanted, banged drums, blew whistles and waved signs – some expressing support for a demonstrator whose eye was injured by police Wednesday. “We [...] Read more
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    Tibetan writer prevented from receiving culture prize

    CHINA—Woeser, a Tibetan writer who has authored online articles and non-fiction books about her birthplace, has been prevented from attending a ceremony in which the Dutch Ambassador in China was to present her with an award from the Prince Claus Fund. The writer was prevented by police from leaving her house in Beijing to accept [...] Read more
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    Harvard And Yale Now Less Costly Than Public California Universities

    USA— According to the Bay Area News Group, a “family of four — married parents, a high-school senior and a 14-year-old child — making $130,000 a year,” with typical financial aid, would pay around $17,000 for tuition, room and board and other expenses if their child went to Harvard. However, if their child attended a [...] Read more

    NYU’s Sara Ackerman Tries To Get Professor Fired Over Occupy Wall Street Assignment

    NYU— Senior Sara Ackerman engaged in a war with college administration over her refusal to do a class assignment about the Occupy Wall Street protests.  NYU Local reports that the drama became public around 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning, when Ackerman sent out a series of bizarre emails chronicling the conflict. It began over an [...] Read more
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    Notre Dame Defies LGBT Students and Allies: Budget Cuts Cause Uproar on California Campuses

    CALIFORNIA—For more than 25 years, Notre Dame has refused to recognize student LGBT groups—but that hasn’t stopped one determined group of students. Students sent an application last week to the Student Activities Office on behalf of a proposed gay-straight alliance organization, but it appears that the group will likely be rejected. “It remains the viewpoint [...] Read more

    Tate Modern Buys 8 Million Works by Ai Weiwei

    LONDON—The Tate Modern in London announced on Monday that it had purchased one of Ai Weiwei’s famous installations of life-size, hand-painted porcelain “Sunflower Seeds.” It bought 8 million of the 100 million seeds that were on view in a giant installation at the museum a year and a half ago. The mini-version was bought directly [...] Read more

    Czech Public Supports Jailed Street Artist Roman Tyc by Practicing His Art

    CZECH REPUBLIC—In 2007, the Czech artist Roman Tyc used stencils to replace the green and red pedestrians on 50 streetlights at major intersections with funny or disturbing images: a peeing man, a figure hanging from a rope, a sensuous playmate, a crucifixion victim, even a man defecating. But a Czech court didn’t find it amusing. Tyc [...] Read more
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    “Unknown Artists” Group Issues Video Broadside Against Whitney Biennial and Participants

    NYC—On the heels of the fake Web site and press release attacking theWhitney Biennial for being sponsored by Deutsche Bank andSotheby’s and protests at the event’s opening by locked-out Sotheby’s workers, a video appeared on Friday calling on artists participating in the show to withdraw in the name of social justice. It’s not exactly clear who issued the clip, [...] Read more
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    Student protesters gather at Quebec legislature to protest tuition fee hikes

    QUEBEC - Quebec provincial police unleashed a volley of tear gas against a group of rowdy student demonstrators who tried to shove past them on Thursday and take their tuition-fee protest into the legislature. The group was a breakaway segment of the thousands of student demonstrators who gathered mostly peacefully on a snow-covered lawn to decry [...] Read more

    Wang Shu wins 2012 Pritzker architecture prize

    BEIJING— It has been won by the likes of Frank Gehry and Rem Koolhaas, and now Wang Shu’s name can be added to the list as the first Chinese architect to be awarded the prestigious 2012 Pritzker prize, seen as the Nobel prize for architecture. The decision to award him the prize acknowledges “the role [...] Read more
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    March First Occupy Education Actions planned across the U.S

    U.S.A—As part of the March 1st National Day of Action for Education, three area college campuses are planning student and faculty walk-outs tomorrow, the first day of March. Students at City College, San Diego State University, and University of California at San Diego have all joined in this national day of demonstrations, and each campus has [...] Read more