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    Longtime MOCA curator Paul Schimmel is fired

    LOS ANGELES—Paul Schimmel, the longtime chief curator at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art and one of the most prominent museum curators in the United States, was fired Wednesday.The firing was made by the museum’s board of trustees and is effective immediately. Schimmel, who was organizing the museum’s planned Richard Hamilton retrospective that was [...] Read more

    Texas college hacks drone in front of DHS

    TEXAS—A group of researchers led by Professor Todd Humphreys from the University of Texas at Austin Radionavigation Laboratory recently succeeded in raising the eyebrows of the US government. With just around $1,000 in parts, Humphreys’ team took control of an unmanned aerial vehicle owned by the college, all in front of the US Department of [...] Read more
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    Quebec students lose first round in court

    QUEBEC The Quebec Superior Court has dismissed attempts to strike down elements of Quebec’s controversial Bill 78 and provisions of a Montreal bylaw on public protests. Student groups had sought to strike down several articles in Bill 78, but Justice Francois Rolland said the bill must be debated in its entirety, which is supposed to [...] Read more

    Graduate sues Government over ‘slave labour’ schemes

    ENGLAND—The Government was recently forced to deny exploiting “slave labour”over its controversial “workfare” schemes which see job seekers working for no wages. An unemployed graduate, who claims she was made to work in a shop for no pay other than her benefits, has asked the High Court to declare that her human rights were breached [...] Read more
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    Dormitories of Protesting Students Set Ablaze By Sudan Security Agents

    KHARTOUM— Students and security agents supporting the Khartoum government have entered the dormitories of students in Omdurman to lit fire. The sleeping accommodation for students in Al Maselma and Wad Nubawi of the Faculty of Education of Khartoum University in Omdurman was set ablaze on Monday. During the tenth day of continues protestst in Sudan the [...] Read more

    Ousted Head of University Is Reinstated in Virginia

    CHARLOTTESVILLE — Facing a torrent of criticism, the University of Virginia trustees made a stunning turnabout on Tuesday, voting unanimously to reinstate the president they had forced to resign over concerns that the university was not adapting fast enough to financial and technological pressures.The decision by the governing Board of Visitors capped an extraordinary 16 days [...] Read more
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    Unions turning against Quebec student strike?

    QUEBEC—The Trade Unionists and Progressives for a Free Quebec (SPQ Libre) —an organization that serves as a mouthpiece for the trade union bureaucracy—has issued an open letter voicing hostility to the Quebec student strike and the growing defiance of Bill 78 and promoting instead the return to power of the big business Parti Québecois (PQ). [...] Read more
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    US universities putting their reputations online

    USA—This autumn more than a million students are going to take part in an experiment that could re-invent the landscape of higher education. Some of the biggest powerhouses in US higher education are offering online courses—testing how their expertise and scholarship can be brought to a global audience. Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [...] Read more
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    Quebec students cheered by criticism of Bill 78 by UN human-rights agency

    MONTREAL—Quebec students applauded a UN agency Monday night for slamming the province’s controversial Bill 78, which puts limits on protests.  Police and demonstrators clashed regularly earlier this month when Montreal hosted the annual Formula One Grand Prix, which had several days of parties and events before the actual race weekend. Dozens of arrests were made [...] Read more

    Exclusive Private School with Extravagant Art Curriculum opens in Chelsea

    NEW YORK —A new for-profit educational institution, Avenues: The World School, is opening in Chelsea this fall. The $75 million school is building one of the world’s most expansive — and extravagant — visual arts curricula outside a university. At a time when many public schools are gutting arts education and even the most elite private [...] Read more
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    Mexico student protests trip up presidential frontrunner

    MEXICO—Presidential frontrunner Enrique Pena Nieto had been cruising toward triumph ever since he started campaigning for Mexico’s July 1 elections, but for the past month the candidate of the powerful Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has met an unprecedented backlash from university students across the country. A string of marches against the Pena Nieto have rallied [...] Read more

    Sanctions against Iranian students in the Netherlands

    NETHERLANDS—The Iranian community in the Netherlands is very concerned by restrictions on applications for residence permits, student visas and possibly visit family-related visa applications. The Council of the European Union on 23 March, adopted a regulation on restrictive measures against Iran. The IND review at this time the possible consequences for aliens from Iran. Applications [...] Read more
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    Judge rejects University Cincinnati’s protest policy

    CINCINNATI—A federal judge on Tuesday rejected University Cincinnati’s practice of confining student demonstrations to a “free speech zone” near McMicken Commons on the university’s west campus.U.S. District Judge Timothy Black said the policy is too vague, too restrictive and a clear violation of students’ free speech rights. UC officials could not be reached for comment [...] Read more

    Yale University Art Gallery receives $135 million renovation

    YALE—It’s not that money was no object in the renovation and expansion of the Yale University Art Gallery (YUAG), the oldest college art museum in the country. But a $135 million budget certainly was an important contributing factor in this no-corners-cut, exhaustively researched and painstakingly executed project. Officially opening to the public on Dec. 12, [...] Read more

    Alleged feminist singers of Pussy Riot are due to face trial

    RUSSIA—Investigations have now been concluded against three young women alleged to be members of the feminist punk group, Pussy Riot, who sang a protest song in a cathedral. The three might face trial any time soon for charges of hooliganism. The indictment, seen by Amnesty International, charges the women with hooliganism on grounds of “hatred, planned [...] Read more
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    Bronx Museum Hires Curator to Assist on $1 M. Art Acquisition Program

    NEW YORK—The Bronx Museum of the Arts is really on a roll this year, doing all sorts of interesting things to mark its 40th anniversary. It’s made admission free, snagged the honor of commissioning Sarah Sze’s work for the United States’ 2013 Venice Biennale pavilion and now it is mounting a $1 million campaign to [...] Read more

    Montreal police accused of political profiling student strikers and those wearing the ‘red square’

    MONTREAL—Montreal police are being accused of political profiling — of searching and detaining people wearing the red square, the symbol of Quebec’s protest movement. A Quebec student group is calling for an independent inquiry into police actions over the weekend. The group, a more hardline CLASSE student association, is gathering testimony from people who say [...] Read more
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    Oakland parents and teachers announce plans to sit-in to stop school closures

    OAKLAND—The five public elementary schools set for closure in Oakland, which serve predominantly black children, will be turned into private charter schools and district administrative offices by the Oakland Unified School District. The pupils from these five schools have been displaced to schools up to 10 miles away, and there is no guarantee of transport [...] Read more

    Keenen/Riley to Design Exhibition Space for Hangzhou’s Museum of Contemporary Architecture

    HANGZHOU—The firm Keenen/Riley has been selected by a jury to design 58,0000 square feet of exhibition space for the new Museum of Contemporary Architecture in Hangzhou. The proposal submitted by Keenen/Riley includes 15,000 square feet of galleries for temporary exhibitions and collections, and 43,000 square feet for large-scale installations on architecture. The Santa Monica software [...] Read more
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    Quebec tuition protesters clash with Grand Prix partiers in Montreal

    MONTREAL — A group of activists, protesting capitalism in general and Quebec’s tuition hikes in particular, tried their hardest last night to crash the party on the Montreal street most closely associated with this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix. On one side of the barrier they shouted about injustice; on the other they sipped beer and [...] Read more
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    MoMA Young Architects Program Expands to Istanbul

    ISTANBUL—MoMA’s Young Architects Program announced that it is expanding to Istanbul. The program (YAP) taps emerging architects and firms to create a temporary structure each year at the PS1 courtyard. It will now collaborate with the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art to launch a similar program, which will realize “temporary exterior installations to serve as [...] Read more

    Getty Unleashes “Google Books for Art”

    THE GETTY– Getty Unveils “Google Books for Art”: The good folks at the Getty have launched a Web site, dubbed the Getty Research Portal, which is being described as “an art-specific version of Google Books.” The new initiative aims to upload art historical texts online and make them searchable to anyone with an Internet connection. [...] Read more
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    Rosanne Somerson Named Provost of the Rhode Island School of Design

    RISD—Rosanne Somerson has been named provost of the Rhode Island School of Design, effective July 1. Over the past few decades, Somerson has worked as a professor, department head, interim associate provost, and interim provost at the school. She is credited with playing a significant role in founding its furniture design department in 1995 and [...] Read more

    Israeli Forces Detain Head of Palestinian Children’s Theater

    PALESTINE—The artistic director of an acclaimed theater company for Palestinian children has been seized in an Israeli military raid. Nabil Al-Raee of the Jenin Freedom Theatre was taken from his home in the early morning hours and taken to an undisclosed Israeli army base. The Jenin Freedom Theatre was founded to help Palestinian children express [...] Read more
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    CUNY proposes to raise executive saleries on the heels of tuition hikes

    NEW YORK—Plans before the Board of Trustees would raise the very highest salaries at CUNY even higher, and at a rate faster than inflation. A June 4, 2012 draft includes maximum salary increases of more than 22% for deans, presidents, and Central administrators. The Chancellor’s maximum salary would jump 54% to $724,470, not including salary supplements such [...] Read more

    German envoy hosts reception for new director of Goethe-Institute

    PAKISTAN—To introduce the new Director of the Goethe-Institut (Cultural Centre and Language Institute) Karachi, Dr. Manuel Negwer, to the German community and relevant Pakistanis working in the field of art and culture, the Head of the Press and Cultural section, embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, Thomas Ditt hosted a reception at his residence. At [...] Read more

    Cambodia Says It Seeks Return Of Met Statues

    CAMBODIA—The Cambodian government is convinced that two life-size 10th-century statues that have anchored the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Southeast Asian galleries for nearly two decades were looted from a jungle temple and plans to ask for their return. The twin sandstone figures, called the Kneeling Attendants, flank the doorway of the gallery where the Met displays its [...] Read more
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    Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art Announces Largest Gift in US History For LGBT Art

    NEW YORK—The newly announced Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art has received major gifts in excess of $10 million. This constitutes the largest donation ever received by any LGBT arts organization. A gift of $8.8M was made by Charles W. Leslie in memory of his long-time partner Fredric D. (Fritz) Lohman. Substantial ongoing distributions from [...] Read more

    Twombly Museum and Educational Center to Open in New York

    NEW YORK—Cy Twombly Foundation is set to open a museum and education center in New York. On Tuesday, the foundation purchased a twenty-five-foot-wide Beaux Arts mansion at Nineteen East Eighty-second Street for $27.5 million. Nicola Del Roscio, a longtime companion of Twombly’s and president of his foundation, stated that the artist is “a towering figure [...] Read more

    Concluding a 10-Month Battle : Sotheby’s Ends Its Art Handler Lockout

    NEW YORK—After a 10-month-long lockout, Sotheby’s union art handlers reached an agreement with the Upper East Side auction house yesterday. The 42 art handlers from Teamsters Local 814 will begin trickling back to work over the next three weeks following the longest lockout in company history. The lockout, which began a month before Occupy Wall [...] Read more