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    Alan Ket’s Anti-NYPD ‘Murderers’ Mural, Approved By Store, Removed By Police

    NEW YORK—The NYPD dispatched cops with paintbrushes to cover up a controversial mural on the side of an Inwood business Tuesday, after approaching the owner with concerns about its message, New York has learned. A pair of plainclothes officers arrived at New Edition Cleaners at 4929 Broadway at 11 a.m. Tuesday, armed with buckets of [...] Read more

    Austrian artist Franz West dies aged 65

    VIENNA— Austrian contemporary artist Franz West has died aged 65 in Vienna, after a long illness. West was married to Georgian artist Tamuna Sirbiladze. He has been described as “one of the most innovative and progressive artists of his generation”. Sculptor West studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and worked with various materials [...] Read more
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    Erika Fowler-Decatur Directs SUNY Cortland’s Dowd Gallery

    CORTLAND—Erika Fowler-Decatur of Ithaca, N.Y., a versatile visual arts professional in the private, non-profit, academic and government sectors, recently was appointed as director of Dowd Gallery at SUNY Cortland. She replaces Bryan Thomas, an Art and Art History Department faculty member who has overseen the gallery on a part-time, interim basis since December 2010. She [...] Read more
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    Brazil’s Instituto Inhotim appoints Eungie Joo Director of Art and Cultural Programs

    BRAZIL— The Instituto Inhotim announced the appointment of Eungie Joo as Director of Art and Cultural Programs. Joo’s appointment coincides with the departure of Director Jochen Volz, who was appointed incoming Head of Programmes at the Serpentine Gallery in London. Rodrigo Moura, curator at Inhotim since 2004, will now assume the position of Deputy Director [...] Read more
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    Despite student appeal Anti-protest law Bill 78 stays for now

    QUEBEC—Quebec students, unions and other groups challenging the Charest government’s anti-protest law have lost another round in court. The Quebec Court of Appeal has rejected their request to appeal a lower court ruling that refused to strike down several elements of Bill 78 while they contest the constitutionality of the law. They argued last week [...] Read more
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    Columbia College Chicago Violated Labor Law with Part-Time Faculty

    CHICAGO—The National Labor Relations Board has found that Columbia College Chicago violated federal laws by refusing to bargain with the part-time faculty union at the college and hand over information requested by them. In a ruling Tuesday, Robert Ringler, an administrative law judge, ordered the college to bargain in good faith with the union and [...] Read more
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    Michigan State University to open Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum

    MICHIGAN—The Broad/MSU (Michigan State University) will serve as an educational resource for the university and a cultural hub for the state of Michigan. The museum also will actively engage the international artistic community through a series of partnerships with contemporary art spaces around the world. The 46,000 square feet museum featuring a facade of pleated [...] Read more

    Chicago’s teachers could strike a blow for organised labour globally

    CHICAGO—Last month, approximately 90% of Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) members voted for strike action. Only 1.82% voted against. This was a shock to the local administration. Not only is this the heart of Obama country, where unions are expected to play ball with the Democrats in an election year. It is also a city where, [...] Read more
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    London 2012: Team USA chooses Royal College of Art base

    LONDON—London’s prestigious Royal College of Art has been chosen as the base for the US Olympic Committee (USOC) for the 2012 Games. The venue in Kensington, west London, will host athletes, staff, sponsors and officials during the summer. Patrick Sandusky, chief communications officer for the US Olympic Committee, said they were “thrilled”. Paul Thompson, Rector [...] Read more
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    Singapore’s Venture With Yale to Limit Protests

    SINGAPORE—Next year, when Yale University welcomes students to its joint venture with the National University of Singapore, campus political life will likely bear little resemblance to that of its Ivy League model.The joint venture is the first new college to bear Yale’s name in 300 years—and the first attempt to start a liberal-arts school in [...] Read more

    Quebec student protest leaders tour Ontario universities sharing strategies

    ONTARIO—Leaders of Quebec’s headline-grabbing student protests are in Ontario to share their strategies with 10 universities during a week-long tour that began Thursday night at the University of Ottawa. One of the panel members is Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, a well-known face of the student movement and spokesperson for CLASSE, the most militant of the student groups [...] Read more
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    ‘Occupy the Arts’ South Carolina Activists Protest Governor Haley’s Cuts

    SOUTH CAROLINA—Governor Nikki Haley recently announced additional austerity measures for her state, including cutting $1.9 million in funding for the South Carolina Arts Commission and $500,000 in funding earmarked for grants. Haley called the agency redundant, and said it can receive private funds and apply for funding through grants. Several lawmakers have vowed to override [...] Read more

    Will Montreal students block class resumption in August?

    MONTREAL—While nightly student demonstrations against tuition hikes that routinely brought parts of Montreal to a standstill this spring are no longer hogging the headlines, behind the scenes some students groups are planning to disrupt the return to classes in mid-August. The website lists the dates CEGEP and university classes are to resume, and is [...] Read more
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    Hood Museum of Art curator nationally recognized by the National Art Education Association

    NEW ENGLAND—Lesley Wellman, curator of education at the Hood Museum of Art, was named the 2012 National Museum Art Educator of the Year by the National Art Education Association in June for her contributions to museum education. Wellman received the award in March at the NAEA national convention in New York City. Since she began [...] Read more

    Burma students freed after being held over anniversary

    BURMA—They were held ahead of the anniversary of the suppression of a student movement 50 years ago. About 300 people met in Rangoon to mark the event despite the detentions and the presence of plain-clothes police. Activists say the detentions prove that the Burmese military still has repressive tendencies, despite recent reforms. The seventh of [...] Read more
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    Massive protests in Mexico against Peña Nieto’s election win

    MEXICO—Tens of thousands of protesters marched in Mexico City on Saturday to protest against Enrique Peña Nieto’s apparent win in the country’s presidential election, accusing his party of buying votes and paying TV networks for support.Demonstrators were angered by allegations that Peña Nieto’s Institutional Revolutionary party (PRI) gave out groceries, pre-paid gift cards and other [...] Read more

    Protesters take 16-metre wind turbine blade to Tate Modern

    LONDON—Anti-BP Protesters Put the Turbine in Turbine Hall: On Saturday, members of the Liberate Tate group — which opposes the Tate Modern’s sponsorship by oil giant BP — carried sections of a 54-foot wind turbine blade over Millennium Bridge into the museum and assembled the massive structure inside Turbine Hall. “Tate can confirm at 11:40 [...] Read more
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    Texas A&M Students Block Westboro Baptist Protesters With Human Wall

    TEXAS—On June 28, Lt. Col. Roy Tisdale, a Texas A&M alum, was killed during a training exercise at Fort Bragg by another solder who then shot himself. The Westboro Baptist Church, known for protesting soldier’s funerals with anti-gay messages, posted plans to show up at Tisdale’s funeral on their website. A fellow “Aggie”, Ryan Slezia, [...] Read more
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    Mitch Daniels Protested As Purdue University’s Next President By Students, Faculty, Alumni

    INDIANA— Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is set to serve as Purdue University’s next president. Marilyn Haring, the former dean of the College of Education at Purdue, recently withdrew a $1 million donation to the school after the board’s decision to pick Daniels.Over the weekend, Haring joined a group of around 75 students, faculty and community [...] Read more

    Kitty Scott hired at the Art Gallery of Ontario as new curator of modern and contemporary art

    ONTARIO—The Art Gallery of Ontario has named Kitty Scott, as its new curator of modern and contemporary art, ending a 14 month-long vacancy in one of the museum’s most vital roles. She starts Sept. 17. Scott, who will be leaving her position as the director of the visual arts program at The Banff Centre, brings [...] Read more
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    Editorial Board of Pakistan’s National College of Arts Dissolved Over Charges of Blasphemy

    PAKISTAN— Weeks after the journal “Sohbat,” brought out by Pakistan’s leading arts school, the National College of Arts (NCA), was accused of publishing content in favor of homosexuality and ridiculing Islamic values, protests by extremists have triggered major reprecusions for the school, the PTI reported yesterday. “I have dissolved the editorial board, closed down the research and publication [...] Read more

    New protest over president of the National Union of Students at Bolton University suspension of

    UK—A second protest in support of the suspended president of the National Union of Students at Bolton University has taken place. Students and trade unionists joined forces to back Shana Begum as potential new students were visiting the campus. The protesters handed out leaflets on Saturday afternoon opposing Miss Begum’s removal from the post. The [...] Read more