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    Renaissance Society’s Susanne Ghez to step down in January

    CHICAGO—Executive Director Susanne Ghez, who has curated more than 150 exhibitions and built an international following for the museum at the University of Chicago, is stepping down in January. For 40 years, Ms. Ghez has led the non-collecting museum of contemporary art at 5811 S. Ellis Ave. on the university campus. In an interview, Ms. Ghez, 74, [...] Read more

    Quebec student leaders optimistic a deal is within reach

    MONTREAL—Traces of optimism emerged Tuesday that a resolution might finally be at hand to end Quebec’s 107-day student dispute.  A second day of negotiations ended just before 11 p.m. with students saying progress had been made and they would study several proposals presented by both sides. “We will take the night and probably tomorrow morning to [...] Read more
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    Prague protestors hold happenings in front of Education and Culture ministries

    PRAGUE— Demonstrators gathered outside of two government ministries on Tuesday to protest against government reforms and austerity measures. The all-day happening (which included outdoor concerts, theatre and public debate) was organised by student activists and union reps behind the Stop the Government movement. Already the event, the first of five planned over the next two [...] Read more

    Mel Brooks, David Lynch receive honorary degrees

    LOS ANGELES— Legendary comedian Mel Brooks and iconic filmmaker David Lynch will receive honorary degrees from the American Film Institute, the organization announced on Tuesday. Brooks and Lynch will receive doctorates of fine arts degrees for “contribution of distinction to the art of the moving image” during the AFI Conservatory commencement at Hollywood’s Grauman’s Chinese [...] Read more
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    Thousands in South Africa to Protest Painting of President

    JOHANNESBURG—Thousands of people are expected to march Tuesday in South Africa to protest a portrait of President Jacob Zuma that shows his genitals. Zuma’s supporters in the ruling African National Congress say the portrait is insulting and call it an attack on both the president and his party. About 15,000 people are expected to participate [...] Read more

    Student negotiator arrested at Quebec City protest after meeting with education minister

    MONTREAL—Riot police moved in during a Quebec City protest Monday night and arrested 84 people. Among those detained was Philippe Lapointe, chief negotiator for hardline student group CLASSE. Also among those arrested was a protest mascot in a banana costume who waved to the applauding crowd as he was dragged away by two officers. As [...] Read more
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    Quebec students, government to resume negotiations over tuition increases

    MONTREAL — Quebec students and the provincial government return to the bargaining table on Monday in a high-stakes attempt to put an end to a months-long dispute over tuition hikes that has led to clashes with police and mass arrests.The latest round of talks comes at a crucial time for the Quebec government, with thousands [...] Read more
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    Quebec students, unions challenge anti-protest law

    MONTREAL—Quebec students and trade unions on Friday formally challenged a new anti-protest law they say undermines democracy in the Canadian province, which is reeling from three months of demonstrations against planned tuition hikes. Many people are disobeying the law with noisy nightly marches through the city of Montreal to show their unhappiness with the Liberal [...] Read more

    Mary Katharine MacGregor (1923–2012)

    IOWA—Curator Mary Katharine MacGregor has died at the age of eighty-nine, reports the Iowa City Press Citizen. MacGregor was the curator of prints and drawings at the Joslyn Art Museum. During the course of her career she had worked with the Museum of Modern Art, the American Federation of Arts, Associated American Artists, Jacques Seligman [...] Read more

    David Hockney Steps Forward to Save Bradford’s Art Deco Cinema

    BRADFORD—David Hockney, the Yorkshire boy who returned to his native county in 2005 after more than four decades in Los Angeles, has joined campaigners to save a derelict Art Deco cinema threatened with demolition in his hometown of Bradford. “They should not pull anything more down in Bradford,” the artist wrote to the Bradford Odeon [...] Read more
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    Thirty students barricade and occupy the President’s Office at University of Ottawa

    OTTAWA—After discussion of starting a “unlimited student strike” in Ontario beginning in the fall semester, students at University of Ottawa students are occupying the university president’s office, demanding a reversal of tuition fee increases. Thirty students are currently barricading administrative offices at the university with reports of neighboring Quebec students from Gatineau moving way to [...] Read more
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    Union cash flows into coffers to help quebec students conduct protests

    MONTREAL—Out of province money is flowing toward Quebec student activists amid signs their protest movement could persist into the summer. Trade unions based outside Quebec have already confirmed depositing some $40,000 into the bank accounts of the province’s largest student federations, cash that has helped pay for needs such as buses and food during demonstrations. [...] Read more

    Austerity Continues to Plague Italian Arts and Jobs

    ITALY—Antonio Manfredi, an Italian artist from the town of Casoria, started a surprising campaign aimed directly at the Italian Ministry of Culture. NPR reports that Manfredi has burned two or three pieces of art each week in a public display meant to criticize the deep austerity cuts to the arts in Italy. His protest began [...] Read more
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    Actions planned to mark the 100th day of Quebec Student Strike

    QUEBEC—Tuesday, May 22 marks the 100th day of the ongoing Quebec student strike, one of the largest student mobilizations in history. Demonstrations against the massive tuition hikes (which would increase tuition by 60% over five years) have occurred daily across Quebec since March 22, with over 160,000 students on “infinite strike.” Last Friday, the Quebec [...] Read more
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    NYPD arrests artist who installed “I Heart NY” bag

    BROOKLYN—The artist who installed the “I Love NY” bag that caused a bomb scare in Williamsburg on Friday was arrested early Saturday morning while he was installing an identical work in Greenpoint. 50-year-old Takeshi Miyakawa, who lives in Brooklyn, was arrested at the intersection of Bedford, Lorimer, and Nassau, and charged with planting false bombs. [...] Read more
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    Turkey wants Harvard’s Dumbarton Oaks to Return the Sion Treasure

    HARVARD—Among the dozens of objects that the government of Turkey is asking American museums to return are 40 Byzantine relics at Harvard University’s Dumbarton Oaks Museum. The silver and gold liturgical objects known as the Sion Treasure consist of plates, candlesticks, crosses and plaques. Some 40 pieces of the treasure are at Dumbarton Oaks, while [...] Read more
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    Suit against Czech Republic demanding the return of $50 Million in Nazi-Plundered art

    NEW JERSEY—The controversial legal advocate Edward D. Fagan has opened a case against the Czech Republic and its museums on behalf of Michal Klepetar, a Czech national who claims the government is in possession of more than a hundred works of art that were taken from his ancestors by the Nazis during World War II. [...] Read more
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    Four student suspects in Montreal subway smoke-bomb case will remain detained

    MONTREAL—There was applause at the Montreal courthouse from supporters of people accused of smoke-bombing the local subway system. The four suspects will remain detained for more than a week, as their bail hearings have been postponed until May 23. As they left the courtroom in handcuffs, their friends, fans and family gave them a standing [...] Read more

    Artist accuses L.A. MOCA of censoring his work to appease corporate sponsor Mercedes-Benz

    LOS ANGELES—Earlier this month, the artist Chris Silva was invited to participate in an event at Los Angeles’s Museum of Contemporary Art as part of the exhibition “Transmission LA,” a two-week-long interdisciplinary art jam curated by Mike D of seminal rap group the Beastie Boys. Things did not go as planned, and now the artist [...] Read more
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    Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Sale Totals $266.6 Million

    NEW YORK—Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Sale brought the auction house a total of $266.6 million on Wednesday, falling in the middle of its estimate of $215.6–$303.9 million. The two star lots of the night were Roy Lichtenstein’s Sleeping Girl, 1964, and Francis Bacon’s Figure Writing Reflected in Mirror, 1976, both of which tied for top [...] Read more

    Smoke bombs cripple Montreal subway linked to student groups?

    MONTREAL—Smoke bombs have been set off at multiple points in Montreal’s metro system, cutting off service and creating a nightmarish morning commute. The incident occurred near the peak of morning rush hour. There have been other interruptions to subway service in recent weeks, as the city deals with unwieldy student protests. There are reports of [...] Read more

    Harvard Museums Reopening Pushed Back

    BOSTON—Harvard has announced that the Fogg and Busch-Reisinger Art Museums won’t reopen until late 2014, a year later than planned. Museum officials say that the delay is due to the complications in the construction of the new $350 million complex, designed by Renzo Piano, which will combine the two museums into one. Tom Lentz, director [...] Read more

    Quebec students voting in strong majorities to reject agreement

    QUEBEC—Through a show of hands in universities and CÉGEPs throughout the province, students are voting with strong majorities to reject the agreement that was hammered out last weekend as a last-ditch effort to end the 13-week student strike. With the possibility of salvaging their semester becoming more remote each day, students are nevertheless sending a [...] Read more
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    Delegation on Funding for Study Abroad

    WASHINGTON—The extent to which money does and should dictate the global exchange of college students was a touchy topic at a meeting of 16 nations held in conjunction with the G8 Summit. Most agree that studying abroad brings qualitative benefits for the students who go, the universities that receive them and the nations on both [...] Read more
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    Cancellation of Greek Art Fair ‘Art-Athina’

    ATHENS—The Greek art market, like the country’s economy at large, is reeling. The latest victim is Athens’s biggest art fair, Art-Athina. This year’s edition of the annual event — which was launched in 1993 by the Hellenic Art Galleries Association and drew some 58 international exhibitors from nine countries last year — had been canceled. [...] Read more
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    Poet Joshua Clover and 11 Students May Face Prison Time and $1 Million in Damages for Shutdown of US Bank

    CALIFORNIA—The administration of UC Davis is holding poet and professor Joshua Clover and 11 students accountable for their alleged role in protests that led to the shutdown of a campus US Bank. “District Attorney Jeff Reisig is charging campus protesters with 20 counts each of obstructing movement in a public place, and one count of [...] Read more

    Quebec students begin voting on tuition deal

    QUEBEC CITY—Students leaders and government officials struck a deal at around 3 p.m. Saturday after almost 24 hours of negotiations on the tuition issue, however no details were immediately revealed. A complete set of student leaders, union officials and government negotiators sat through the night in an attempt to negotiate a solution to the 82-day [...] Read more
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    Locked Out Art Handlers Have 14 Million New Reasons To ‘Scream’ At Sotheby’s

    NEW YORK—As you may have heard, Sotheby”s had a good day yesterday, auctioning off Edward Munch’s “The Scream” for a record $119.9 million dollars.Not having such a good day? The still locked-out art handlers at Sotheby’s, who appeared as number 84 on the Voice’s list of the “100 Most Powerless New Yorkers” last January and [...] Read more

    Aggressive Arrests of Peaceful Students at Brooklyn College

    BROOKLYN—Building off the momentum of May Day, today, May 2nd 2012, over a hundred NYC/CUNY students converged on Brooklyn College campus demanding an end to the recent tuition hikes, militarization, and NYPD surveillance on CUNY campuses. After dropping a 50 foot-long banner that read, “1-2-3-4 Tuition Fees are Class War, 5-6-7-8 Student will retaliate!”, students [...] Read more
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    Getty Fires Educators to Buy More Art

    LOS ANGELES—The J. Paul Getty Trustannounced Monday that it was cutting 34 jobs in its museum division, with the expected annual savings of $4.3 million to be redirected to art acquisitions.There will be no reductions in the exhibition schedule or public programs, the Getty said, and no cuts to curatorial and art-conservation staffs. The museum’s [...] Read more
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    NYPD Raids Activists and Artists’ Homes Before May Day Protests

    NEW YORK—April 30, the NYPD visited at least three activist homes in New York and interrogated residents about plans for May Day protest. Gideon Oliver, the president of the New York Chapter of the National Lawyers said the N.L.G is aware of at least five instances of NYPD paying activists visits, including one where the [...] Read more

    Miners explode dynamite during protests with Medical Students in Bolivia

    LA PAZ— Miners demanding pay raises exploded small dynamite charges Tuesday trying unsuccessfully to break through a police cordon protecting the government’s headquarters, injuring four officers and shattering windows, authorities said. The miners joined public school teachers in a protest march organized by the Bolivian Workers Central, which called for a two-day strike to press [...] Read more