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    Fear of Repression Spurs Scholars and Activists to Build Alternate Internets

    WASHINGTON—Computer networks proved their organizing power during the recent uprisings in the Middle East, in which Facebook pages amplified street protests that toppled dictators. But those same networks showed their weaknesses as well, such as when the Egyptian government walled off most of its citizens from the Internet in an attempt to silence protesters. That has [...] Read more
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    UC Santa Barbara students protest high cost of textbooks with a Mascot

    SANTA BARBARA—With tuition hikes already leaving them strapped for cash, students are now fighting against the attack of the $200 textbook. Alex Gomes, UCSB’s California Public Interest Research Group student chair, said that prices for college textbooks are rising at four times the rate of inflation, making it difficult for even the most internet savvy student [...] Read more
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    Auckland student arrested had trespass notice

    NEW ZEALAND—A day of peaceful student protests turned ugly this evening after a demonstrator was arrested at Auckland University. The Auckland protest was one of a number held around the country in opposition to the Government’s plan to end universal membership of student associations. Unitec student Marcus Coverdale was arrested for breaking a trespass notice, issued [...] Read more
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    Students plan fresh wave of protests

    UK- British student leaders who organised a series of mass demonstrations last year,  that saw tens of thousands of young people take to the streets, are planning a fresh wave of protests. Students from across the UK will descend on London for a national demonstration in November, before staging a series of walkouts and occupations [...] Read more

    Identified: NYPD Officer Who Maced Peaceful Protesters

    NEW YORK- A photographer has identified the cruel and cowardly NYPD Supervisor who point blank maced a penned in group of young women and then slinked away Saturday at the Occupy Wall Street protests: Deputy Inspector Anthony V. Bologna of the NYPD Patrol Borough Manhattan South. TAKE ACTION If you think Deputy Inspector Bologna should [...] Read more

    At Sotheby’s, Finally, the 99 Percent Were the Highest Bidder

    NEW YORK- At 10 a.m. yesterday morning, activists involved in #OCCUPYWALLSTREET paid a visit to a Sotheby’s art auction. The activists staggered their entrances and planted themselves in the crowd. The first of the activists took the room by surprise, disrupting the auction and announcing that “Sotheby’s made $680 million dollars last year but then [...] Read more
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    Classics at risk at Royal Holloway, University of London

    UK—There are only 22 Classics degrees left in England. That’s despite the fact that Classics – the understanding of the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome, the cultures that are the fountainhead of the way we organise intellectual, political, and imaginative life – is getting more and more popular among the public. Why, the current UK [...] Read more

    Toronto artists, business leaders speak out against proposed Ford budget cuts

    TORONTO—Last week saw Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall abuzz with acclaimed Canadian artists, business leaders and community supporters, including acclaimed filmmaker Atom Egoyan, Shakespearean actor Graham Abbey, and Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts Director Jacoba Knaapen. Their mission? To demand inclusion in the Toronto City government’s planning process and speak out against City Manager Joe [...] Read more
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    Ireland aims to help artists weather the funding cuts

    IRELAND—Artists in Kerry are being encouraged to work together to weather the recession as part of a new strategy that Arts Minister Jimmy Deenihan plans to use as a model for developing the arts throughout the country.  The Kerry Arts Strategy launched by the Minister in Tralee on Friday is the first step in a [...] Read more

    Egypt student Union threatens strike

    CAIRO— Egypt’s Student Union said there will be a demonstration on October 1, which marks the beginning of the academic year, at all the country’s universities, demanding the sacking of all academic heads. “Demonstrations will be staged in the first week of October. Students will hand out fliers, calling for ousting all academic heads and [...] Read more
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    Financial District Protests Continue as 7 More Are Arrested

    NYC—Seven protesters were arrested on Tuesday downtown in Zuccotti Park in the continuing unrest in the financial district, the police said. Those arrested included people accused of using a bullhorn without a permit, refusing police orders to disperse, trying to prevent officers from removing a tarp that had been put up in the park in [...] Read more

    Guatemalan Schools Built from Bottles, Not Bricks

    GUATEMALA—The cost of building new classrooms and schools shouldn’t prohibit students in the developing world from accessing a quality education, but new construction, even using inexpensive materials like cinder block, can run up a five-digit bill in construction costs. Now, Hug It Forward, a nonprofit in Guatemala, has figured out how to build new schools on [...] Read more

    Haitian President Martelly asks to stop unrest initiated by students

    HAITI—Last week, was marked by several demonstrations in the country, initiated by students, for the departure of the UN Mission for Stabilization in Haiti (Minustah). Demonstrations that have unfortunately been the cause of vandalism and street violence, due to infiltrators (thugs and criminals of all kinds). Faced with these unrest, the President Martelly said : [...] Read more
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    Occupation on Wall St. Over-Educated, Under-Employed

    NEW YORK—In the heart of New York’s financial district, the marble and concrete floor of lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park was strewn with untidy clumps of people, gathered in small groups amid a jumble of sleeping bags, mattresses and home-made banners, protesting against the banks and institutions that towered over them. Mostly aged under 30, they [...] Read more
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    Students will continue the fight to keep education a public service

    UK— On 9 November, student groups will mobilize in protest once more against the fundamentalism of coalition policy. At their conference in Birmingham, the Liberal Democrats have been trying to draw distinctions between themselves and their coalition partners, the Conservatives. Just 18 months since the coalition was pieced together, proclaiming itself as a “new politics,” [...] Read more

    Educated and Unemployed, NYC Mayor warns Congress of riots

    NEW YORK—Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned Congress Friday, saying members should expect riots if the nation’s rate of unemployment remains above 9 percent. “We have a lot of kids graduating college, can’t find jobs,” Mr. Bloomberg said on his weekly radio show. “That’s what happened in Cairo. That’s what happened in Madrid. You don’t want those [...] Read more

    Swedish Art Biennial Evacuated Due to 9/11 Anniversary Terrorist Threat

    SWEDEN- Swedish police ordered the evacuation of four hundred people at the opening of the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, due to a terrorist threat. They also arrested four individuals suspected of terrorist activity. In a statement, the Swedish Security Service said that further details remained under wraps due to “the ongoing preliminary investigation.” [...] Read more
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    Anti-fees demonstrators lose human rights court battle

    UK—The High Court has rejected claims by three teenagers that their human rights were breached whilst detained during tuition fees protests in Whitehall, London, last year.Adam Castle, 16, his sister Rosie, 15, and Sam Eaton, 16, were held by police for over six hours without food or water in freezing temperatures during demonstrations on 24th [...] Read more
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    10-Year-Prison Threat for “Revolting” Students

    ANKARA—Students from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara are facing up to 10.5 years behind bars.  The first hearing of the lawsuit against 117 students of the renowned Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) was held on Tuesday (13 September) before the Ankara 24th Civil Court of First Instance. The students are on trial on [...] Read more
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    Protesters Resume Demonstrations in Chile

    SANTIAGO— Students and teachers on Wednesday will resume a march by the emblematic Alameda de Santiago avenue to demand free public education. According to Camila Vallejo, president of the Chilean Students Federation (CONFECH), the students movement will continue mobilizing because if not, it will neither have the strength nor capacity to negotiate. The march will begin [...] Read more

    ‘Kettling’ tactics challenged in European courts

    E.U.—Police “kettling” during demonstrations will be challenged in the European Court of Human Rights as campaigners argue on the case of policing protests in Oxford Circus. Human rights campaign group Liberty will argue that officers breached Article 5 of the European Convention on Human Rights; the right to liberty, when policing protests on May Day 2001. One [...] Read more

    AUC striking students refuse negotiations on fourth day

    CAIRO—Hundreds of American University in Cairo (AUC) students have entered their 4th day of protests demanding lower fees and higher wages for on-campus workers and security personnel, who joined their protests. Many of the campus walls and entrances are covered with banners in support of what the AUC strike. Yet these groups have different demands. The workers want [...] Read more
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    British Pop Artist Richard Hamilton Dies at 89

    LONDON—Richard Hamilton, who died on September 13 aged 89, was often described as the founder of Pop Art – much to his frustration.   This was because, although he was the creator of iconic “Pop” images, and was the first artist to use the word in a painting, Hamilton exhibited a versatility which resisted easy definition [...] Read more

    Egyptian teachers call for strike as school year rolls to a start

    EGYPT—Several teachers’ movements on Tuesday called for a mass rally next Monday in protest of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf’s “disregard of the demands” of teachers. The Independent Teachers Syndicate said in a statement that it will demand that the government remove Education Minister Ahmed Gamal Eddin Moussa, increase salaries, and hire temporary employees on a [...] Read more

    Chicago Judge Orders Journalism School To Turn Over Emails

    CHICAGO—A judge  is ordering Northwestern University to turn over to prosecutors more than 500 emails between a high-profile professor and his investigative journalism students. The students were part of the school’s Medill Innocence Project, which has helped exonerate and free a dozen men convicted of murders they did not commit. In this particular case, though, [...] Read more
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    Student Loan Default Rates Jump

    USA—The number of borrowers defaulting on federal student loans has risen substantially, highlighting concerns that rising college costs, low graduation rates and poor job prospects are getting more and more students over their heads in debt. The national two-year cohort default rate rose to 8.8 percent last year, from 7 percent in fiscal 2008, according to [...] Read more

    Watching SpongeBob Can Lead to Learning Problems?

    CHARLOTTESVILLE—Fast-paced, fantastical television shows such as “SpongeBob SquarePants” may harm children’s ability to pay attention, solve problems and moderate behavior, according to a U.S. study published Monday. Researchers from the University of Virginia found that the learning ability of 4-year-olds who watched nine minutes of “SpongeBob SquarePants” was severely compromised compared to 4-year-olds who either watched [...] Read more

    AUC students and workers launch strike against soaring fees and wage cuts

    CAIRO—About two thousand students and workers at the American University in Cairo (AUC) began an open-ended strike Sunday in protest at the recent hike in tuition fees and continuing low salaries, amid silence from the university’s administration. Protesting students stormed classrooms at the new AUC campus in New Cairo, urging all students to unite and ask [...] Read more
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    Colombian teachers, students protest education reforms

    COLUMBIA—Thousands of teachers and students took to the streets of several of Colombia’s major cities Wednesday “in defense of public education.” The demonstrations aimed to reject a proposal by the government of President Juan Manuel Santos to reform higher education. In the capital Bogota, some 7,000 protesters took to the streets, while in Medellin some 1,000 teachers and students were [...] Read more
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    A big climax to Israel’s summer of protest

    JERUSALEM— Saturday night’s demonstrations by more than 400,000 Israelis calling for social justice represented a powerful climax to an unprecedented summer of protests and activism. The nationwide protests, billed as the March of the Million, have been called the largest demonstration in Israel’s history. Whether they ventured out in person — in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa [...] Read more

    Student fees and hospital cutbacks raise ire

    IRELAND— Cabinet Ministers were confronted by heated protests over the closure of Roscommon hospital’s emergency department and the student fees issue at the opening of yesterday’s Fine Gael parliamentary party meeting in Galway. Two student fee campaigners attempted to block the entrance road to the Radisson Hotel by engaging in a “lock-on” demonstration, while up to [...] Read more
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    School fees bill clears Senate

    CALIFORNIA—A state bill that would ban California public schools from requiring students to pay for athletics, performing arts and academics will soon make its way to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk following Senate approval on Thursday. AB 165 cleared the Senate on Thursday with a 23-15 vote. It now goes to the Assembly for a final and [...] Read more

    British Empire Museum Controversy

    BRISTOL—When the director of the British Empire and Commonwealth Museum was dismissed earlier this year, the chairman of the Bristol-based museum’s trustees, Sir Neil Cossons, gave as the reason “the unauthorised disposal of museum objects”, and the director’s “abuse of his position”. According to Cossons, the trustees fired Gareth Griffiths in February and immediately called [...] Read more

    Internal Documents Reveal University of California Has Spied On Student Fee Hike Demonstrations

    CALIFORNIA—Actions to inhibit free speech activity isn’t new to University of California students who earlier this year uncovered internal documents showing officials have conspired to monitor and control constitutionally-protected fee hike protests at UC Davis. High-ranking University of California, Davis administrators including Chancellor Linda Katehi, several vice chancellors, more than 30 staff members, and campus [...] Read more