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    Nam June Paik’s Nephew Donates $1 Million to Harvard Art Museums

    CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS–The Harvard Art Museums has announced that it received a $1 million gift from business school alumnus Ken Hakuta, the nephew of pioneering video artist Nam June Paik, as well as ten of Paik’s works. Director Martha Tedeschi said, “Ken Hakuta is dedicated to the legacy of his uncle, Nam June Paik, and the [...] Read more
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    U.S. Expects to Forgive $108 Billion in Student Debt

    WASHINGTON, D.C.–The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Shannon Najmabadi examines a report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office issued Wednesday stating that the Department of Education expects to forgive $108 billion in student debt. Possible loan forgiveness applies only to those borrowers who have a loan from the federal government and are currently enrolled in an [...] Read more

    Cuba’s National Art Schools Threatened by Foreign Investment

    HAVANA, CUBA–In The Art Newspaper, John Darlington, the executive director of World Monuments Fund Britain, reports on the uncertain fate of Cuba’s National Art Schools in light of warming relations between Cuba and the United States. Fidel Castro and Che Guevara established the National Art Schools in 1961 on land belonging to a country club [...] Read more
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    UK Exam Board Saves A-Level Art History Courses

    LONDON, ENGLAND–Culture minister Matt Hancock said that he is “thrilled” to announce today that A-level history of art courses will be continued to be taught in high schools throughout the UK after Pearson agreed to develop an A-level exam, Christy Romer of Arts Professional reports. Rod Bristow, the president of Pearson in the UK, said, “The response [...] Read more

    Helsinki City Council Shuts Down Guggenheim Museum Proposal in Final Vote

    HELSINKI, FINLAND–The Helsinki City Council debated late into the evening on Wednesday over whether to move forward with the building of a Guggenheim Museum on the city’s shorefront. In a final vote with fifty-three council members against the museum and only thirty-two in favor, the city rejected the project due to financial concerns. The city [...] Read more