Neon Workshops

Neon Workshops

Neon Workshops specialise in the development and manufacturing of neon lighting for the creative industry. We can organise world wide shipping and installation of projects. One-day and one-week neon sculpture courses are also available, as well as hourly facility hire. Neon Workshops hosts an annual exhibition program of neon art. Intensive and in depth neon sculpture courses are now offered to unravel the mystery concerned with the creation of energy saving, 100% recyclable light. Neon Workshops also have a mobile neon facility, which travels around the UK and abroad. Get in touch if you're interested in having a mobile neon art course run near you!

Posts from Neon Workshops

  • Richard William Wheater, Neon Nude. Neon, 1 x 2 m. From Nude not Naked, an upcoming pop-up group show by Singleton, Sweeney and Wheater. Part of the New York Neon Workshop 2015. © Richard William Wheater.

    New York Workshop 2015 and evening events

    Neon Workshops have teamed up with the most influential players in New York City's neon scene to deliver an ambitious workshop and event series. From taking a street tour with New York Neon author Thomas Rinaldi, to wa[...]

    February 7, 2015

  • A Landmark Mobile Neon Workshop

    In February 2014 Neon Workshops are transporting their mobile facility to Reykjavik with the aim to give participants the ultimate chance to learn about, explore and sculpt with handmade neon light under the natural ligh[...]

    November 18, 2013

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  • 5924a_jun2_neon

    Neon Workshops: The Neon Universe

    This unique and ambitious neon sculpture course sees Matt Dilling (New York) and Shawna Peterson (Los Angeles) fly in to teach their own styles of neon making, along side Julia Bickerstaff and artist Richard William Whe[...]

    June 2, 2011