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  • Mahmud Mukhtar, Nahdat Misr (Egypt's Awakening). Under construction, front of the Bab al-Hadid train station, Cairo, 1920–1928. Pink granite, height 7 m. Image courtesy of Emad Abu Ghazi.

    Volume 5, issue 1 out now

    ARTMargins announces the launch of its latest issue (5:1, February 2016), featuring texts by Jessica Gershultz on the need for a critical history of fiber art in the 20th century; Camila Maroja on Cildo Meireles's refusa[...]

    February 24, 2016

  • Hi-Red Center. Closed door to the Great Panorama exhibition at Naiqua Gallery, 1964. Courtesy of Hanaga Taro/Chiba City Museum of Art. Photo: Hanaga Mitsutoshi.

    ARTMargins presents a special issue on "Capitalist Realism"

    This special issue of ARTMargins is devoted to "Capitalist Realism," coined in West Germany by Gerhard Richter, Konrad Lueg, Sigmar Polke, and Manfred Kuttner in May 1963, and also, independently, by Japanese artist Akas[...]

    November 19, 2015

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    ARTMargins Volume 2, Issue 1 out now

    ARTMargins, the newest art journal from the MIT Press, announces the launch of its latest issue dedicated to art, theory, and cultural politics. Featured articles: Caroline A. Jones—"Anthropophagy in São Paulo’s C[...]

    February 6, 2013

  • 4461d_july31_mit_img

    Art in the Post-Periphery: ARTMargins published by the MIT Press

    ARTMargins is a new triannual publication that invites researchers and practitioners who operate under the conditions of neoliberal capitalism to critically reflect on what we call the "thickened global margin," encompas[...]

    July 31, 2012

  • de538_oct6_danube

    New from MIT Press: Imagery in the 21st Century

    Artists and Researchers from the natural sciences and the humanities examine the latest revolution around the Image and its impact for our time. With contributions by  Marie-Luise ANGERER,  Olaf BREIDBACH,  Adrian [...]

    October 6, 2011