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  • Sala del Camino, Giudecca, Venice. Image courtesy of Jan Kaila.

    The first Research Pavilion, Sala del Camino, Venice

    The University of the Arts Helsinki organizes a Research Pavilion at the 56th Venice Biennale. This first Research Pavilion consists of an international contemporary art exhibition and a platform for events featuring art[...]

    April 22, 2015

  • Chto Delat, Face to Face to Monument, 2014. Courtesy Chto Delat.

    "What is Monumental Today?" in St. Petersburg

    How can the groups that are excluded from the public sphere voice material and performative forms of commemoration nowadays? What kind of tangible structures and rituals could be developed to counter the imposed monument[...]

    September 10, 2014

  • EARN. Symposium: A Counter Order of Things. Venice.

    The symposium "A Counter Order of Things" departs from the current awareness that the Linnaeus tree of taxonomical knowledge is losing its signification. Once symbolizing a classifying reason and the supremacy of human [...]

    October 2, 2013

  • e33ba_jan14_mahku_imh

    The Judgment is the Mirror at Living Art Museum, Reykjavik

    The Judgment is the Mirror is a group exhibition with Tiong Ang, Clodagh Emoe, Jan Kaila, Japo Knuutila, Roger Palmer and Mick Wilson. The exhibition, curated by Henk Slager, addresses the potentialities of visual langua[...]

    January 14, 2013

  • 21198_aug30_mahku_img2

    Doing Research: EARN at dOCUMENTA 13

    In December 2011, dOCUMENTA (13) and EARN (European Artistic Research Network) started to develop a collaborative project. These discussions indicated that the way the notion of research is used today might also produce [...]

    August 30, 2012