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Bernard Hoffert

  Bernard Hoffert is associate dean for graduate studies in the faculty of art and design at Monash University, Australia, and vice-president of Monash’s Academic Board. His paintings, installations and art presentations have been shown in international art events, including the Second Asian Art Symposium, India; the Fourth Asia and Pacific Art Exhibition, Japan; Seoul 600, Korea and adjunct exhibitions to the Sao Paolo and Venice Biennales. He is the author of four books, 19 catalogue essays, 26 conference publications, 32 articles on art, 23 articles/conference papers on art education, 400 plus art reviews. He is honorary president of the International Association of Art-UNESCO and is research coordinator of Art Education Australia.

Posts from Bernard Hoffert

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    Taking Art Seriously: Understanding Studio Research

    The degree to which art is integral to our way of life is scarcely worth noting. Most of us accept without question that access to art, both historic and contemporary, is part of any community and the diversity of contem[...]

    February 22, 2010