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Lilly Lampe and Amanda Parmer

  Lilly Lampe is a writer based in Atlanta, GA. She has an MA in Humanities from the University of Chicago. She currently serves on the editorial board of and has written for, Art Papers, and Proximity Magazine. She also produces the podcastOut There Atlanta. Amanda Parmer is an independent writer and curator based in Atlanta, GA.  She organized the 2012 New York Armory Open Forum, a series of public discussions between New York and Scandinavian artists; curated F is for Fake: the construction of femaleness by the US media at Cleopatra’s Brooklyn and Berlin in 2011; as well as co-editing and curating Undercurrents: Experimental Ecosystems in Contemporary Art in New York as a 2010 Helena Rubinstein Fellow at the Whitney Independent Study Program. She is also a contributing writer for Art in America,, Bomblog and Internationalistisk Ideale.

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