School of Visual Arts Summer Residency in Sculpture, Installation and New Media Art
School of Visual Arts (SVA)

Our sculpture facilities allow for working with wood, plaster, ceramics, metal, plastics and custom electronics, et al. Those artists whose interests are in digital art can opt to work with high-end digital photography, video, 3D graphics and sound production equipment. In addition, access to rapid prototyping, laser and CNC routing technologies is available. Integrated computer workstations allow artists to create 3D models for output and edit high-definition videos and professional quality soundtracks. The facility is designed for fluid movement between digital and traditional media and is well equipped to support inter-media installation and performance work including multi-channel audio and video installations and performance using interactive media and video. Artists who are interested in hybrid forms and new media in two, three and four dimensions will find the environment conducive to an experimental approach to art-making.

Located in the heart of New York City’s Chelsea gallery district, participants have their own studio space where they meet with faculty for individual critiques. The program includes seminars, equipment demonstrations, lectures, site visits, gallery walks and dialogue with participants of the various residency programs.

Guest lecturers include artists, critics, curators and gallery directors. Faculty members are selected for their diverse perspectives and professional experience. The critiques and lectures complement the studio work to form an intensive program of hard work, learning and personal development. The program culminates in an open studio exhibition, which enables participants to present their work to the public.

Faculty and guest lecturers have included Suzanne Anker, Frank Gillette, Kate Gilmore, Michael Joaquin Grey, Erik Guzman, Alois Kronschläger, Michael Rees and Joe Tekippe.

SVA’s Summer Residencies in New York City offer emerging and mid-career artists time, space and a supportive community in which to develop ideas and focus on their artistic direction. In addition to our time-honored studio residencies, a variety of innovative professional immersion programs provide opportunities for artists to explore new areas of social and technological practice. A unique combination of creative and professional resources provides a rich environment for growth and opportunity in the current vibrant art scene. Affordable housing is available, as are opportunities to exhibit work.

For an application or further information regarding SVA’s Summer Residency Program contact:

Keren Moscovitch, Program CoordinatorDivision of Continuing EducationT [email protected]

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April 4, 2011