Arts Abroad
School of Visual Arts (SVA)

Barcelona • Florence • Istanbul • Nicaragua • Provence • Rome • Shanghai •
Southern France • Venice

Invest in Your Talent – Replenish Your Creativity 

From the waves of Nicaragua’s northern coast to the sunflower fields of southern France immortalized by Van Gogh, the School of Visual Arts offers nine unforgettable international destinations this summer for artists and art enthusiasts to discover. Whether your passion is drawing, painting, photography, interior design, typography, 3D design or art history, SVA has a program to stimulate your senses, reinvigorate your career, and open new directions in your art making—all without having to plan your itinerary. Programs are organized with students, educators and working professionals in mind; college credit is available.


Arts Abroad offers a unique way of experiencing a foreign culture.  You’ll meet people like Gianni Basso, proprietor of one of the oldest printing shops in Venice, who has opened his doors to SVA. You’ll see some of the world’s greatest cities in a new light, such as what makes Barcelona a favorite location for fashion photographers at Vogue, ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar. You’ll take part in social rituals like the farm-to-table nightly dinners at the Domaine de Boisbuchet, a magnificent estate in southwestern France that has become a summertime retreat for the world’s leading designers.


Discover the Light of Provence: Digital Photography in Southern France
Faculty: Jean-Marc Veillon
June 24–July 7


Inspiration From the Past – Interior Design Solutions for the Future: Florence and Venice
Faculty: Stuart Mager, Elisabeth Martin
May 16–30 


The Artist’s Journal: From Istanbul to Florence
Faculty: Peter Hristoff
May 24–June 10 


Advanced Action Surf Photography in Nicaragua
Faculty: Art Brewer
June 4–11


Digital Photography in Shanghai
Faculty: Abby Robinson
June 4–July 2 


Masters Workshop: Design History, Theory & Practice in Venice & Rome
Faculty: Louise Fili, Steven Heller, Lita Talarico
June 5–June 19 


Products of Design in France: SVA @ Boisbuchet
Faculty: Emilie Baltz, Allan Chochinov
July 10–16


Art History in Southern France – LIMITED space
Faculty: Tom Huhn
June 2–15


Painting in Barcelona – LIMITED space
Faculty: Tom Carr, Carme Miguel
June 22–July 9 


Lighting For Portrait and Fashion Photography in Barcelona –  LIMITED space
Faculty: Janusz Kawa
July 9–17


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May 9, 2011