Social Media do not create revolutions they accelerate repression
Sprengel Museum Hannover
Above: Thierry Geoffroy/ Colonel, “WE MUST “RETAKE THE RIGHT TO REREAD AND REORGANIZE THE REPRESENTATION OF THE WORLD”, 2011 Venice Biennale. Copyright Thierry Geoffroy.
Above: Thierry Geoffroy/ Colonel, “WE MUST “RETAKE THE RIGHT TO REREAD AND REORGANIZE THE REPRESENTATION OF THE WORLD”, 2011 Venice Biennale. Copyright Thierry Geoffroy.

9 October 2011–15 January 2012

Project Thierry Geoffroy /
Colonel: 9 October–10 November 2011

The museum must resist social media usurping its role as a social stimulator and a patrimony collector.
Museum and artists should not let social media dominate the field of collecting the history, images, feelings and interactions of human activity.
The museum should regain this stolen territory to prevent the world’s archives from ending up in the hand of companies with domination goals.
The artist with the support of the museum should work on new formats to be able to not only resist but also offer more absorbing exhibiting methods.
The museum has a task of collecting and classifying human patrimony and this task should not be abandoned that easily.


Don’t let social media educate us and our kids!
Don’t let them tell us what is acceptable as images of ourselves or how and under what terms we should interact!
We should not accept that they threaten to disconnect us from all our friends any time they want!
Using our emotions to exploit and repress us.
Making us like pets addicted to sugar, ready to bite anyone when told to do so.


Social media are places of surveillance



Is the museum the last place to show and express what we cannot anymore present on social media?
Can the museum host what is censured on social medias?
Can the museum provide a stronger human experience orchestrated by artists and poets?
Can the museum be a dating place?
An open place—without fake and staged controlled identity?


Can the museum respond to the robbery of the stock of human pictures?
Can the museum compete with collecting human production and propose a rereading strategy?
Can the museum ignore the competition of accumulating all human expressions?
Can the artist offer new strategies of collection?


Exhibit what has been rejected by the social media!
Exhibit what caused your account to be deleted!
Exhibit what you don’t dare to exhibit!


THIERRY GEOFFROY / COLONEL offers a penetration wall space in his exhibition at the Sprengel Museum Hannover to exhibit such censured material. Please send your censured material to: [email protected]


His intervention is concerned with the search for formats to reconquer these spaces in art institutions. He is questioning the museum, its collecting methods as well as the author’s copyright and the responsibilities. He is offering the exhibition space as a meeting or even dating space.


Photography as a central document is the centre of the questioning in Thierry Geoffroy’s / Colonel’s contribution to the exhibition PHOTOGRAPHY CALLING! at Sprengel Museum Hannover.




The artist Thierry Geoffroy / Colonel works with critical format. He created the FORMAT ART Movement. His best-known formats are Emergency Room and Critical Run. FORMAT ART has to spiral globally. At the exhibition in the Sprengel Museum Hannover he will present the EXTRACTEUR FORMAT, a new mode of collecting and exposing photography. Furthermore a dating place will be part of the installation, as well as project where the local police are asked to fathom the boundaries between private and public images.



October 10, 2011