MA SPACE (Masters in Art And Design; Social Practice And The Creative Environment) announces forthcoming Visiting Lecture Series 2013
Limerick School of Art and Design (LSAD)

9:45am every Wednesday morning, 6 February–1 May 2013

George’s Quay Campus
George’s Quay, Limerick

MA SPACE is a unique programme worldwide focusing exclusively on the area of Social Practice.

Basurama: (Spain) Basurama is a Madrid-based architects’ forum for discussion and reflection on trash, waste and reuse in all its formats and possible meanings. 

Pablo Helguera: (USA) Helguera is one of the most significant voices in Socially Engaged Art Practice.  Currently based at the Museum of Modern Art, New York as Director of Adult and Academic programs.

Bronac Ferran: (UK) Previous Director of Interdisciplinary Arts at the RCA. She is working nationally and internationally in the spaces between art, design, ecology, science, technology, law and policy.

Oliver Kotcha-Kallenin: (Finland) Oliver Kotcha-Kallenin and Tellervo Kalleinen have collaborated on a number of high-profile international art projects since 2003. Founder of The Complaints Choir.

Pat Collins: (Ireland) Pat Collins is the director and co-writer of Silence. The film occupies a formal space between documentary and fiction. 

Fiona Woods: (Ireland) Fiona Woods devised and directed Ground Up, and co-devised the projects Shifting Ground, new perspectives on art and rural culture, an international conference that explored some of the theoretical impulses behind the practice of art in rural contexts.

N55: (Denmark) N55 is an artistic platform founded in 1994, which gathers people who consider art as a part of everyday life. N55 has its own production and distribution channels.  

Roddy Buchannan: (Scotland) Roderick Buchanan uses film, video, photography and sculpture to question collective and individual identity. He was awarded the Becks Futures Prize (2000) and the Paul Hamlyn Award (2004). 

Brian Flemming: (Ireland) Brian works with The Spectacle of Defiance and Hope formed in 2010. The alliance originally formed to protest against cuts that were imposed on the youth and community sectors. 

Gareth Kennedy: (Ireland) Socially Engaged artist, co-represented Ireland at the 57th Venice Biennale.  

Ultra-red: (USA, Europe) Ultra-red pursues a fragile but dynamic exchange between art and politics.

Woodrow Kernohan: (Ireland) Woodrow is currently the Director of ev+a, International Exhibition of Visual Art, Limerick, Ireland.

Limerick School of Art and Design, LIT, in the southwest of Ireland, offers an international, high-level Masters in Art and Design programme, which focuses on Social Practice and the Creative Environment (MA SPACE).

On MA SPACE our postgraduates develop a professional practice that is sustained long beyond the duration of the programme.  Rather than training in certain media or genres, we challenge our postgraduates to think conceptually through a strong theoretical and critical grounding and to work creatively in new ways in the area of social practice.  

MA SPACE is a vibrant, experimental taught programme, which is uniquely delivered initially through theory and the examination of best practice, followed by an engaged project in real situations.   

MA SPACE is designed to fulfill postgraduate demand from art, design and related fields, nationally and internationally. It is a one-year full-time or part-time taught Masters programme, multidisciplinary in nature and rendered current through a vibrant programme of International Visiting Artists, Designers and Lecturers.  

MA SPACE works in collaboration with a number of Irish national agencies including Create, the Irish national development agency for collaborative arts in social and community contexts, and the National Sculpture Factory.

Bursaries at MA SPACE: we are offering a national and an international bursary for outstanding postgraduates on the programme. 

For further information please email Sean Taylor and Dr. Marilyn Lennon, Joint Programme Leaders MASPACE: [email protected].
Current MA SPACE publication PRAXIS: PDF

Application forms and information sheets are also available here or by contacting Muriel Dinneen, Limerick School of Art & Design LIT, Clare Street, Limerick, Ireland: T +353  (0)61 3208871 / [email protected].

Applications currently being accepted.
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February 9, 2013