Final call for applications: Summer Academy and MFA in Berlin
Transart Institute for Creative Research
Above: (1–3) Transart Summer Residency 2014 in Berlin. (4) Transart Summer Residency 2015 in Berlin. Photo: Aleks Slota.
Above: (1–3) Transart Summer Residency 2014 in Berlin. (4) Transart Summer Residency 2015 in Berlin. Photo: Aleks Slota.

Get a creative surge
Revitalise your practice
Start new work
Come to a triennale

This summer in Berlin, explore art after the anthropocene, make a film in three days, discuss smuggling as a curatorial practice and resistance as an artistic one. Weave the written word into your artistic practice and create new projects for futuring polypodies. Find your voice, your body and your words in an intensive think tank style space of experimentation and exchange. Take a drive into the world of the flaneur and (re)learn the art of getting lost. Join an excursion to the Berlin Biennale with curators and critics, practice tools of engaging conflict and collaborate on explorations of chance and control. Meet Berlin based curators and artists for speed crits, explore the Transart Triennale with over 130 participants from all over the world, have intensive one on one meetings with seasoned Transart advisors and present your work to a diverse, international group of artists, curators, writers and theorists. Participate in collective dinners and impromptu performances, don’t think about your job once for three weeks, get new takes on old work, show new work for the first time, go to openings, galleries, fool around and get suggestions for a list of books on your topic so good you can’t put them down.

Take it all back to your studio along with your plans and create a body of work like nothing you’ve done before. Be assured of the support, encouragement, feedback and resources you need in order to take all necessary risks. Find a sustainable balance. Keep working. Push yourself.

Work on-site and online: two winter sessions in New York, three summer sessions in Berlin. Work wherever you want. Become part of an international network of artists and keep showing, collaborating and creating long after you earn your MFA. Contribute to ELSE journal and curate projects for international events.

Talk to Transartists, faculty and advisors by Skype or in person to hear more.

But first, apply for summer acceptance by July 10.

Limited spaces still available in MFA, three week Summer Academy program and one week Triennale program. Some scholarships still available.

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Session one
“The Artist as Writer as Artist” with Laura Gonzalez
“The Role of Chance” with Michael Bowdidge

Session two
“Wanderings, Musings and the Art of Getting Lost” with Jean Marie Casbarian
“Art after the Anthropocene” with Simon Pope
“Subjectivity and the Mirror” with Ruth Novacek

Transart Triennale: August 5–7
Read full program here

Session three
“Tools of Engaging Conflict” with Dorit Cypis
“Smuggling as Curatorial Practice after the Ethnographic Turn” with Christine Nippe & Teobaldo Lagos Preller
“Resistance: Defying the Self” with Elena Marchevska
“Polyplot” with Lynn Book

Full course descriptions

Admissionsand scholarshipsdeadline: July 10


About Transart Institute
International Diaspora, Post-Nationalism and Post-Colonialism; Identity; Exile; Role of Art in Peace and Mediation; Space In Between; Home; Temporary Architecture; Cultural Engagement through Food; Foreignness, Otherness and the Uncanny; and Publicness, Collaboration and the Social are areas Transart Institute is paricularly interested in supporting and instigating research, projects and practices in. We champion independent thinking, expermentation and informed endeavors.

We began as an independent, utopian, post-national and transdisciplinary “unschool art school,” embodying the idea that participation in a vibrant and current graduate experience requires nomadic possibilities untethered to geography. The focus and strength of Transart has centered on an exceptional international teaching, research and learning program that leads to an MFA or PhD in creative, curatorial and transcultural practices. Adopting a respiratory model of meeting and dispersing, Transart positions itself in the gaps where art practice, knowledge production and research processes operate; in the tensions between, across, through and beyond recognised paradigms. Encouraging active student-driven learning over passive educational models, our students and faculty—from all over the planet—meet bi-annually as we continue to work wherever we live, actively supported by the Transart community.

We believe that education is not just a paper-chase and is most relevant, effective and powerful when vitally connected to projects and initiatives in the world—beyond the walls of the academy. By its very nature, Transart creates international research communities that encourage and promote dialogue and collaboration between artists, writers, curators and thinkers across cultures. Driven by our students desires rather than the demands of bureaucracy and real estate we remain agile, responsive and nomadic; currently meeting in Berlin and New York with plans afoot to include Mexico City and Melbourne.

After ten years of remarkable development we are now entering the next phase in our evolution. The “transartist” vision is continually amplified by a growing global network of artists, curators and creative thinkers working collectively in hybrid ways that span engaged sites and interactive online spaces from Brazil to Australia, Ethiopia to Canada, Pakistan to Iceland. These reverberating actions further stimulate emergent streams of public programming and events such as the Transart Triennale, ELSE Journal and NEST (New Experiments for Sharing Terrain) and drive our educational curiosity even further. This exciting moment finds Transart again at the cutting edge of what schools, arts institutions, communities and broader cultural experiences might be in the 21st century. Transart Institute was founded by two artists and remains operated entirely by artists.

Transart Institute
The Un-School for International Creative Practice
Low-residency MFA/PhD + Mid-Career Summer Academy
Artist-run, post-national and utopian since 2004.
Accredited by Plymouth University, UK


Final call for applications: Transart Summer Academy and MFA in Berlin


June 29, 2016