SVA Arts Abroad

SVA Arts Abroad

School of Visual Arts (SVA)
Invest in Your Talent – Replenish Your Creativity

Barcelona • Florence • Istanbul • Nicaragua • Provence • Rome • Shanghai • Southern France • Venice

Whether you are a beginner hungry to explore a life-long passion, a seasoned professional in need of inspiration or a practitioner ready to take on a new challenge, SVA has programs to replenish your creativity and to open new pathways for your career and art-making.

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Products of Design in France: SVA @ Boisbuchet
Faculty: Emilie Baltz, Allan Chochinov
July 10–16

This hands-on workshop offers a multi-disciplinary experience in products of design. Held at the Domaine de Boisbuchet, the program stresses a making-driven approach to the enterprise of design.

Advanced Action Surf Photography in Nicaragua
Faculty: Art Brewer
June 4–11

Leading surf photographer Art Brewer directs this advanced workshop in action surf photography. Participants have access to surfing and photography professionals, and the opportunity to perfect their techniques both in and out of the water.

Inspiration From the Past – Interior Design Solutions for the Future: Florence and Venice
Faculty: Stuart Mager, Elisabeth Martin
May 16–30

Discover how Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architectural marvels influence contemporary design. Visit, sketch and learn about historic sites to uncover the vital elements that generate modern forms and inspire today’s designers.

Discover the Light of Provence: Digital Photography in Southern France
Faculty: Jean-Marc Veillon, Michelle Mercurio
June 24–July 7

The opulence of Avignon, the wilderness of the Camargue and the quaintness of the Luberon have made Southern France an inspiring destination for centuries. Participants will unlock their inner passion as they discover the beauty of this region and create a new body of photographic work.

Masters Workshop: Design History, Theory Practice in Venice Rome
Faculty: Louise Fili, Steven Heller, Lita Talarico
June 5–June 19

In this hands-on intensive, participants investigate the roots of typography while exploring the ancient ruins and monuments that gave birth to Western type. Taught by leading Italian and American designers, this is a not-to-be-missed experience.

Digital Photography in Shanghai
Faculty: Abby Robinson
June 4–July 2

With its rich multicultural history, Shanghai is a blend of the ancient and the modern, and offers incredible photographic opportunities to its visitors. Participants in this program engage with the burgeoning Shanghai art community while savoring the city’s brilliant colors and the interweaving of Western ideas with Eastern traditions.

Lighting For Portrait and Fashion Photography in Barcelona – LIMITED space
Faculty: Janusz Kawa
July 9–17

The Artist’s Journal: From Istanbul to Florence – LIMITED space
Faculty: Peter Hristoff
May 24–June 10

Art History in Southern France – LIMITED space
Faculty: Tom Huhn
June 2–15

Painting in Barcelona – LIMITED space
Faculty: Tom Carr, Carme Miguel
June 22–July 9

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